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ParkerBrand - Open and Ready

Like everyone else, we have been taken aback by the events of this week.  We wanted you to know that ParkerBrand are true and steadfast and here to serve you for as long as we are allowed.

No flapping, no faffing: we are steering a steady ship with both hands on the tiller.  We can’t deny the news seems pretty overwhelming – thank goodness its Spring!  Switch off the telly and put down the mobile for a while and get out into the garden.

This isn’t a callous bit of marketing – it’s a plea to get out in the garden and use those tools you bought from us!  If you’re at home and you do need any kit then we are open and ready for business as you would expect.

There’s a pretty rebellious spirit over here at ParkerBrand (like they way we shake things up with our low prices) but we’re prepared to do as we’re told for the good of all.  To us that means gardening!

So where-ever you are, although times are looking pretty tough and the story is yet to unfold, please, if you can go out and find peace in your gardens, it will keep you cool, calm and collected.

Vitamin D is good for you and your immune system, you need tablets you need sunshine – it’s the best source.

We wish you and you families the best and be sure that if you want to place your order, on the phone or on-line we’ll be ready to help you and keep you kitted out.

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