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Returns: Sending A Package To ParkerBrand

A Simple Return Process

If you need to return your machine to us for warranty purposes, inspection or out of warranty repairs, return requires a few simple steps. It might be that you have decided to return your machine for refund, Below, we detail a few important things to consider in preparing your return. If you bare these important points in mind a return should be smooth, easy and swift.

Your Machine or Equipment

You MUST empty any fuel tanks of fuel mixes or petrol and drain any oil tank or reserve. This might include:

1. Fuel tanks on two stroke machines (52cc's, chainsaws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers etc)

2. Chain oil reservoirs on chainsaw attachments (Multi-Tools) and all chainsaws

3. Oil tanks on Pressure washers, Air Compressors, generators, lawnmowers etc

4. All forms of petrol tank on any machine

This Is for one simple reason; these are prohibited by couriers as hazardous substances and are not permitted to enter the delivery networks. In short, no carrier will accept them at drop off shops, no carrier will collect them or will they return them to you or they may be destroyed.  We'd like to resolve any issue or initiate a refund as quickly as simply and quickly as possible. Paying close attention to draining your machine in preparation for return will mean we can do exactly that for you. It's appreciated. 

What to Send

We will make it clear what you need to send. Clearly, if it is a warranty repair you do not need to return everything, simply the part of the machine that requires attention. In the case of a 52cc machine for example, it may just be the engine and first shaft that needs to come back to us. If the return is for a refund then please do include everything so that your refund can be processed swiftly. If you are unsure please contact us, any member of the team shall be happy to clarify this for you.

Packaging Your Machine

In the majority of cases, customers have original packaging or a similar sized box to hand. Otherwise, they are able to easily source one locally.  Please make sure that you have drained the machine of any hazardous material (as above) and that the machine or equipment is sensibly covered/protected/boxed.

We aren't worried about aesthetics here, I assure you, but simply request it is packaged and protected in a common sense manner. if something is obviously able to move around in a package please find some paper/bubble wrap or something similar to pad the box out if you can. We'd like it to get back to us safe and sound! We are unable to send packaging or boxes to you in order to package goods.

When You've Changed Your Mind

Changed your mind and want to return the item? That's cool. You're welcome to return it for a refund within 30 days as is your absolute right.  We'll happily refund you. All we ask is that your return is unused and unfuelled or oiled. In other words, as new. We'll process your refund in a speedy fashion upon receipt of your item. 

Simply drop us an email or give us a call and we'll send you the return address and raise a case on your order to ensure that you are refunded after your order has had a quick check.

Who to Return Your Item With

Returning Yourself

Wandering down to the {Post office could very well prove to be expensive. We don't want you to to spend unnecessarily. Although we do not have any business affiliation with them we find that teh following two sites give the least expensive options for return. They are certainly great to know about anyway for anything that you may have to send in daily life. We recommend returning with:

All you will need to do is enter the requested details including the package size and weight (if using the original packaging this is on the side of any ParkerBrand box as well as detailed on the product webpage ) as well as the collection and delivery address, depending on which option and courier you have chosen.

Our return address is:

Parker Products Limited
Richmond Road
LN11 0FU

Return Using a Pre-Paid Label from ParkerBrand

You will be sent instructions with your return label which will be emailed to you. You will need to print your label and affix it to the packaging. Please use the guidelines as above - they still apply to a pre-paid return. If you are unsure what to send back, please do contact us - we shall always help.

In the case of FedEx you can book collection from your home when it suits you best or drop it off at a nearby depot/drop off. With a DPD label you are required to drop this at a near-by drop off shop. They are usually a very short distance away and convenient. The drop off shop addresses etc. are given on the label itself.

Remember, if you're not sure about anything you can call the team on 01507 499198 or email us at any time and we'll certainly be ready to assist.

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