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Types of Petrol Brush Cutter Strimmer: A Buying Guide

There are three versions of our 52cc petrol strimmer now available to our customer across the UK and western Europe. This is where we have always wanted to be: to offer the widest choice at the fiercest price. Our regular customers know that ParkerBrand is where quality tools and machinery, customer care and affordability meet. For sure that's the case with our strimmer range as it is with all of our thoughtfully designed tools and machinery.

Petrol powered brushcutter offer freedom to work where you like without limitation from power cords or battery charge time.

Which Three Types of Strimmer Do ParkerBrand Offer?

The Backpack: PGBC-5200-BP: Freedom on the Slopes

  • Engine: ParkerBrand 52cc
  • Fuel metal swivel mounted backpack with padded shoulder straps
  • Kit: Tools, Fuel Mix Bottle, Three-toothed Blade, Spool with 2.4mm Wire
  • Two-year extended warranty

Our back pack strimmer is designed and calibrated for use as a strimmer in your garden, taking the weight of and giving a longer reach. However, for sure this is is especially designed for use on slopes and uneven ground. The powerful and proven 52cc engine sits on a swivel mechanism mounted on to a full metal framed backpack complete with storage pocket for your toolkit or even PPE such as gloves and glasses.

Like all of our machines it is a split shaft design for easy carriage and storage and exchange between spool and three-toothed blade is a straight forward and simple task. A fully detailed manual gives you a guidance on all aspects of your machine including assembly, maintenance routine, storage and the like. Nothing short of what you'd expect from a brand with over a decades worth of experience in providing machinery and service to new and loyal customers alike. This backpack strimmer really is a freedom machine and great on a range of terrains especially slope ground - no skiing though!

The Wheeled Trimmer: PGWT-5200: Take the Load Off

  • Engine: ParkerBrand 52cc
  • Fully adjustable metal frame with large fixed wheels
  • Kit: tools, fuel mix bottle, three-toothed blade, metal alloy spool with 6mm wire
  • Robust fuel metal 9 star spline
  • Two-year extended warranty

Our newest addition to the range is our wheeled variation which is perfect for those that can't (or don't want to) carry any equipment at all - padded straps or otherwise! The fully adjustable frame on this newest addition to our range will mean that you are working in genuine comfort. You'll be commanding a full, reinforced nine spline driven metal spool with 6mm wire that will cut straight through thick tufts and grass while you stroll on. Perhaps you'll opt to use the easily fitted three toothed blade to work through brambles and the like with similar ease. Newly stocked with ParkerBrand, we know this one will be a winner. Get yours before the first batch goes!

The Classic Brushcutter: PGBC-5200: True, Tried and Tested

  • Engine: ParkerBrand 52cc
  • Split shaft design for easy storage
  • Kit: Tools, Fuel Mix Bottle, Three-toothed Blade, Spool with 2.4mm Wire
  • Two-year extended warranty

A ParkerBrand staple that has been manufactured and stocked since the start; its split shaft design being teh optimum for service or carrying to any location where you wish to work. The powerful 52cc engine shows its power in stark terms: you'll be ripping through what ever you need to do so to reclaim your garden from the wild or to stay on top of your treasured territory .

Many customer having bought this, been impressed and have then gone on to buying and thoroughly enjoying other kit such as chain saw and mowers. How do we know? They tell us! With ParkerBrand it's great to know that you can call an speak to a member of the team here in Louth. We use technology where it counts and the website is our shop front, but we're ALWAYS available on the phone during normal office hours. You can ask advice or place your order directly with a member of staff if you prefer, we'll be happy to serve you.

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