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Winches: Winch One’s for You?

It’s funny how life works isn't it?   One of our techies was in the pub and we got talking to two men covered in mud.  It’s certainly a conversation starter! We are country kids here at ParkerBrand  but that’s a bit much even for us – there’s being casual and then there’s looking as if you’ve just finished a tough mudder running race.  They needed a beer to get over the trial of trying to get the jeep (towing a trailer with three wide-eyed sheep) out of a muddy gateway into a field and muddy chaos had ensued.

Bing!  A classic light bulb moment for the ParkerBrand team. Why are aren’t we selling what they moaned about needing?  So, friends, we ‘d like to introduce the ParkerBrand PEW-12V-13500 and it's junior the ParkerBrand PEW-12V-4500 and we're very happy to have them too.  There's far more reason to have one on your vehicle than you might imagine and the have many uses.  Let's take a look.

What is a Winch?

Straight from the bods at Cambridge; winch (noun): a device for hauling or lifting; made up of a rope, cable or chain wound around a horizontal rotating drum and turned by a crank or motor.  With the concept having taken hold in ancient Egypt and later perfected and honed by the Greeks.  So it's a device with a long history that has been perfected with time, that's for sure.   Clealry we're not offering something the Greeks would recognise, principally as ours are fully motorised designed to be fitted to a vehicle - and it certainly doesn't need to be a pick up truck.

The key components for our winches are:


The gearing transfers the power from the motor and converts it into pulling power, giving the winch the ability to pull in any kind of heavy material. Both of our models have 3-stage planetary gearing for added durability.


In the case of  our PEW-12V-13500 it's a steel cable and the 12V-4500 it's a  synthetic wire.  The cable wraps around a drum to prevent entanglement. The cable can be anywhere from 40 to 100 feet in length.


A drum is circular in shape and allows the wire to coil around it. A spool within the winch allows the drum to rotate in a circular motion, winding the cable in or out.


The motor powers the drum in order for it turn so that it can reel and wrap the wire around itself. While not all winches include a motor, most vehicle winches are electric and include a motor to speed things up considerably.

What are they used for?

Clearly the are for doing some seriously hard work – it’s like having a team of shire horses strapped to your vehicle. Depending on the capacity of the winch that you choose you’ll have a variety of applications for these keenly priced winches.

Recovery Trucks

The obvious home for a winch is a recovery truck. They are perfectly designed to be mounted and set-up on a truck assembly so that you can rely on a winch that will serve you well. While we know that our equipment is robust and built to a high standard we do not currently offer Commercial warranty.  That said, you'll find that the mech, motor and cable combine to provide all the lify you'll need for a wide avrity of vehicles.

Road Vehicles

These are well designed with the road vehicle in mind  - the average mid-sized family car comes in at 1.5 tons or thereabouts. Both of our winches will comfortably take the average family car  - check the spec chart below and you know which ParkerBrand winch is for you.

Recreational Vehicles

Quads, Beach-buggies and rock crawlers or weightier vehicles such as jeeps, camper-vans and the like, our winches will roll them in safely and reliably every time. All you need to do is check the weight of your vehicle against the capacity of the winch and you're winning.


Mount the winch to your trailer and you can glide in your boat for transport and storage or dry dock for maintenance or cleaning with real ease.  They can also be fitted to a beam at the end of boathouse in order to glide your boat in with safety and ease.


We are always keen on making sure that you get the right specification so you can be confident in the kit you've got.

Have a check through the spec right here, and remember if you have any further questions about any aspect of your purchase, contact us and our Lincolnshire-based customer care team will be happy to answer your call or e-mail and make sure you're fully informed - they'll even take your order for you if you prefer that to ordering on line.


Feature PEW-12V-4500 PEW-12V-13500
Rated Pull Line: 4,500LB (2,041KG) – Single Line 13,500LB (6,124KG) – Single Line
Motor: 3.5HP/2.6kW 12V Permanent Magnet Motor 6.5HP/4.8kW 12V Series Wound Motor
Gear Train: 3-stage planetary 3-stage planetary
Gear Reduction: 166:1 265:1
Clutch: Rotate 92 Degrees Up and Down (90°)
Cable: Synthetic Rope – ⌀6.0mm x 15m Wire Cable - ⌀9.55mmx27m
Drum Size: ⌀ 51mmx115mm ⌀64mmx224mm/ ⌀2.51”x8.82”
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 367x128x122mm 527x163x205mm
Gross Weight: 12KG 40KG
Duty Cycle: Intermittently Intermittently
Fairlead: Aluminium Fairlead 4 Way Roller Fairlead
Mounting Box Pattern: 6.5”x3.0” (164x76.2mm) 10”x4.5” (254x114.3mm)
Remote Control: Included Included

Alternative Uses


That surprised you! With landscaped properties experiencing a genuine boom for those with the room, these winches are frequently used to move large rocks, decorative items and even large railway sleepers or stacks of smaller ones. If you've got large shrubs or ornamental trees that you want removed then with the addition of some strapping you could have it up by the roots in no time.

Cargo Loads

You can get a hefty cargo load onto a trailer or into your R.V in a straight forward manner - if you can strap it, you can lift it.  All you have to do is assess the weight and you're good to go.





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