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5 in 1 Multi-Tool: Adapt and Overcome with ParkerBrand


Being ready to respond to any situation is one of the great skills in life isn’t it? Just as you would expect from one of the UK’s biggest domestic machinery specialists, ParkerBrand are more than ready to help you to be prepared and ready for anything.

If you’re going to be on-point with a broad range of situations in your slice of Eden, whether it’s a suburban garden or a larger plot. Perhaps even an allotment you’re keeping, tidy and easy on the eye.  It might be that you are just wanting to keep the wild at bay.

The ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 is a sight to behold.  It’s like an upscaled swiss penknife with a reliable workhorse of a 52cc engine.  Frankly it’s hungry for work and more than up to the task. The PGMT-5200 is for sure a capable machine ready to be your mainstay tool.  You can keep your shed, garage or workshop neat and tidy and free of clutter - or like I used to be with machines hanging all over the shop.


Ignore your maths teacher - the PGMT-5200 is greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s just focus on what you do get in the box. Firstly, you get a reliable 52cc engine that is robust enough to deal with some really hard work. Like a pit pony with attitude this engine will just keep on working. Along with our most popular engine you’ll receive:

  • A 10-inch chainsaw: this has been designed to be the ultimate pruning tool. Compact and easy to manoeuvre this is perfect for trimming too. This one isn’t for logs of course – for a nippy 10-inch chainsaw you’ll  be better off with this
  • Robust 18-inch Hedge trimers in composite steel. These can be angled to suit your position and the cut required.
  • Spool – a classic trimming device with a twin cord feed. These will whip through long grass or neaten up corners of your garden with ease.
  • Three-toothed blade; these blades will get through the rough and tough stuff with ease – goodbye brambles, hello serenity.
  • Extension pole – this means that your Chainsaw and Hedge trimmers can get a maximum reach of just over 3m giving you plenty of scope and reach to get lopping and chopping to bring your Eden into being.

One, two, three, four, five you’ll be working in overdrive! This tool really does have it all and is as flexible as you need to be.  They are certainly invaluable additions to a well-kept garden or grounds.


It doesn’t take long to amass too much of anything these days and that goes for garden tools too. Less is more is something to be remembered – especially if you want to maintain order and keep chaos at bay. PGMT-5200 stores well and effectively.  The compact design and easily arranged components are simple to maintain to


We’re always keen to make sure that you are working with the tool in the best way.  We are often asked about how to re-thread spools.  We updated the manual accordingly but as a further spot of help we also but a very short but informative film together for you and you can find it here

Our tech guy simply walks and talks you through the steps and you’ll be spinning in no time.


We’ve all been there – a manual that is consistently in garbled technical language that has little relation to what’s in front of you.  We’ve jumped ahead and got this covered with a wonderfully laid out and compact manual that will give you the low down without having to have a lay down.

Fully illustrated, clear and precise the manual will certainly relax the bamboozled and inform the curious.  It’s okay, we’re geeks too!  You don’t have to wait until you’ve purchased of course, have a good look at the manual right here.

Beyond that, for those that prefer a visual reminder we’ve got that covered too.  These simple straightforward short films will help you to learn how to swiftly pop on both the spool and the three toothed blade. You’ll also see how to re-thread your spool with our trimming wire so that you’re well able to re-load and crack on.

We have more instructional films in production, and you’ll see them up on the blog later on in the year. Our multi-tools don’t require anything beyond common sense to assemble use and maintain but we like to give a comprehensive service both before and after sales. It’s easy to say you care about customers but true commitment shows in the end.



Hanging on in an increasingly desperate situation (sounds like our engineer techs on a Summertime Friday afternoon) the environment we inhabit has never needed more thoughtful management. If you have a green garden with a lawn and a shrubs and hedges then you pretty much have a mini reserve.

Most insects need meadow and green space to feed and go about their life cycle. We’re in the business of helping you to keep your lawn short but we also care about good management.  With a huge crash in bird populations insects have never been more important – nearly all birds rely on insects to provide the protein the y need to get through the winter or provide for their young.

Keeping a border or are a of grass ‘wild’ will give those insects chance.  You might get a surprise of two as well. Lawn that’s been well established has a ‘seed bank’ of sorts – it might even contain orchids if allowed to blossom and bloom.  All coming up roses with ParkerBrand, just how we all like it.

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