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All in Awe of the Auger

Spring’s the thing! The ParkerBrand Earth Auger is a thing to behold too – it’s certainly a great time of the year to put them to one of our favourite tasks – tree planting. The ParkerBrand Auger is the go-to machine for fast and effective hole-boring for all types of fencing and post positioning. It's a great machine with a powerful 52cc two-stroke engine – so good it features on three Parker machines across our range.

Take advantage of its true worthiness, you can also make hedge and tree planting a pleasure. You’ll be in awe of our auger rendering planting an easy task. Your lower back will thank you first, but you’ll also have the thanks of those who enjoy your work in the future - trees are to be treasured after all. It really does come into its own as a brilliant device for getting trees and shrubs into the ground quickly, effectively and precisely. Lovely job!


In a new departure for ParkerBrand, we’re bringing your attention to not only a first-class machine, but a world class book too. The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giorno is a heartening tale of a man who, you guessed it, planted trees. More than that, he planted a whole forest on a mountainside using the earliest type of auger; a walking stick!

Although French-Italian, Giorno wrote the book in English and its straight forward style leaves the reader to ponder the profound, subtle messages that are richly woven into the story. All with the lightest touch. This is a man who knew the outdoors as you do. Although it’s a work of fiction you’ll be left believing it must have happened, for sure, such is the way in which the author spins his tale.

Surely one of the best things about a hard day’s work is the rest at the end of it. Why not put your feet up with a glass or mug of your favourite and have a read of this special book, for all those that work in, enjoy and care about the outdoors? Even better, after, pass it on. It’s that kind of book.


Yes, great enthusiasm for a book about tree planting from the company with an established reputation for well-priced chainsaws that really perform! We’re fine with that. It’s no contradiction really, sometimes a tree has to come down, for a variety of reasons. Why not commit to replanting a replacement though, even in a different spot? It’s clear the world has never needed its trees more.

Our Auger will assist you in the task. The reliable 52cc two-stroke petrol driven engine means that you can operate far from power sources – probably the sort of places you might want a tree. It’s good to know you also get a full two-year warranty along with attentive after-sales care from a UK-based team. You can call us directly here in Lincolnshire, or drop us an email – you can depend on a speedy response what ever your needs may be.

The Auger comes with a mix bottle, tool-kit and most importantly of course, three robust 30-inch Auger bits at widths of 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch. We also include a 30-inch extension bar for getting deeper. Still, if you want to get deep and yet feel lifted, you’ll be buying The Man Who Planted Trees.

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