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Don't Bin your Waste in Haste!

Waste not, want not - and we're not being precious about it or getting on a soap box! We're reminding you that the green waste you produce when using our garden tools and machinery are natural resources that you can utilise in your garden.

Compost: A Community Activity

Loading garden waste into bags and going to municipal tip or recycling centre is a familiar Sunday morning task for many, ParkerBrand staff included. Gotta get rid of all that stuff after getting busy with your Brushcutter or Multi-Tool right? Well for sure you've got more options that you might realise at first.

If you have a garden with a vegetable plot, and after this spring more of us that ever do, then you'll very likely have a compost heap and will have done some research online or have found a good book at a charity shop (they often have great garden sections). We're sure that you are on top of your game! Compost is truly an amazing resource that conditions soil and benefits soil immensely. It's a natural cycle after all, and the closer we keep to Nature's cycles the better off we always are, no?

But what if you don't compost? Well, you can help those around you to put your green waste to perfect use. That old saying comes into play here; one persons waste is another's treasure! So if you don't compost yourself - help those that do. Community composting is really a thing these days and we're happy to bring this your attention and definitely support this kind of community effort.

Leaf Mold is Gold!

Our leaf blowers, whether the mighty 65CC back-pack blowers or our hand-held blower/vac/mulcher machines that still turn you in to a walking storm, are going to mean that you're going to have a neat pile of leaves in no time!

All the ParkerBrand leaf blowers are easy to use and maintain, and save a great deal of both time and effort so that you can get more out of your time in the garden. Aide from that you'll have a home that looks really neat and tidy.

You can make use of them by making leaf mould. It's pretty straightforward and will really benefit even simple flower bed. Our handheld machines will give you a mulch that you can apply straight away - this is a real benefit of our hand held machines. As as you may already be well aware here at ParkerBrand we're always finding ways to make life easier.

Vitamin D for you and me - and a whole lot more to boot!

Being outdoors is a healthy way of being - great for both the body and mind. It's surely no secret, is it? In 2020 the nation re-discovered its green fingers in a big way. For some it was about a bit of fresh food security, for others it was a way to pass the ample time we suddenly had at home. That trend isn't a flash in the pan it seems, and ParkerBrand relish being on-point and pay attention to such things.

For obvious reasons we've all been paying mind to our immune systems this year. Don't worry - we're not pushing some kind of snake oil! What we are saying is this: If you're pruning trees with our Multi-Tool complete with its extendable chainsaw attachment or our super-handy light-weight pruning chainsaw you're going to produce sawdust and off-cut branches.

That wood can used as is to grow immune system boosting mushrooms! They are rich with Vitamin D, a vitamin we are all usually short of. You can grow straight from logs or branches, from sawdust piles or indeed from chipping the wood you've cut. It is far far easier than you might think. Your garden will benefit from it multiple ways and you'll have free food that you can enjoy in myriad ways. It really is a win-win! Your fungi partners have been around for 600 million years, that's an experienced business partner!

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