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Heads Up!

Heads Up!

Here we look at the business end of the new versions of our 52-cc classics including news of handy additions that customers have  been calling for. Principally we start with looking at the modifications to two of our  most popular garden tools......

As Simple as A-B-C!

As a matter of course, here at ParkerBrand we review aspects of our machines periodically for a number of reasons – the net effect being that our machines keep pace with changes to legislation, safety or to simply drive improvement.

Our PGBC-5200 Brush Cutter and PGMT-5200 Multi-Tools have had some minor changes to the way that our legendary three toothed blades are mounted to the hub.  This makes them even easier to affix and gives a slicker change between the three toothed blade and the spool.  This means that you can get on with the task in hand that little bit quicker.

Please do take a look below at a recent addition to our comprehensive user manuals.  No other detail has changed other than the instructions to mount the three-toothed blade. It requires less in the way of parts and makes for super-safe working.

Back to Spool

Let's look at the spool here. In effect it is a simple fitting and is far simpler and slicker than our previous offering in that it no longer requires the cotter (or slit) pin and the additional locking washer. Phew! Always better if there is less to do hey?  Both our Brushcutter and Multi-tool are certainly safe and utilise a strong reverse thread manufactured head so that you can work with genuine confidence and concentrate on what matters  - getting your garden or outdoor space up to teh mark as you no-doubt like it!   Take a look at the diagram below - it couldn't be simpler to pop together.


Need a Accessories?

We take pride in stocking an expansive range of spares for our machines. It couldn't be easier to find spare accessories  for the PGBC-5200 or indeed the PGMT-5200 .  During 2020 and into 2021 for the first time ever, we experienced some hiccups in supply of some accessories but we have been working very hard to ensure that as much as possible is available to customers that might need them. Like tens of thousands of other UK businesses we have faced our challenges but surmounted them with the usual ParkerBrand verve!

Request fulfilled: Weeding Wheel of Dreams!

We've noticed a surge in popularity in our Weeding-Wheels after we started stocking them this year after a ton of customer requests.  We are now stocking both eight inch and six inch versions and they are a mighty weapon against the fast growing wicked weeds that are growing thick in all those flagstone cracks up an down the land.  Pop one on your machine and you'll be grand! These are also listed s de-rusting wheel as they have combined function of also being excellent for de-rusting flaking metal surfaces ready to be treated or painted or generally tided up! And that's teh beauty of both of these machines as so many of cour customer already know - a broad range of possibilities right there at your finger tips with results that you were looking for.

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