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How to Find The Serial Number On Your Brush Cutter or Multi-Tool

It may be the our warranty team will ask you for the serial number for you machine. This helps us to identify your machine when required and for it to be recorded by the team in the unlikely event there is an issue.

Where to Find The Serial Number

The image below is a useful shot that illustrates the location of the serial. It is on the metal casting of the engine above the fuel tank and close to the fuel pipes.

The serial number is on the metal casting of the engine very close to the fuel pipes coming up from the tank.
Another angle to help you to find the serial number


We have a very clear warranty policy that you can find on the Warranty tab of any product on the product page. We do take warranty seriously. We know that our machine are made to a high standard and are certainly CE /UKCA marked. If you do have an issue with your machine or you need some advice or help you can always contact the team in Louth, Lincolnshire who will be happy to help and advise.

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