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Introducing Our NEW 28-CC 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

Trigger a Storm

Our new 28-cc Leaf Blower is much akin to our 26-cc model in both performance and ease of use, but you don't need to be Sherlock Homes to see the difference!

The extra couple of CC's are a welcome addition - every bit of extra power is going to make the task that little bit swifter. At 1.1Hp and with a fan spinning at 7500rpm this machine will certainly be working hard and very effectively for you. You will be a storm at the push of a trigger!

Robust and well designed for the task we're really pleased to have this join our stable of domestic garden machines.

Three Machines in One At Your Finger Tips

Just like its 26cc stablemate our 28cc version is three machines in one.

  • A powerful blower
  • An effective and very useful leaf vac
  • A mulcher - perfect for composting an soil conditioning

You can switch between functions with absolute ease. Everything that you need comes in the box.

  • All the pipe work - as illustrated
  • A sturdy leaf collection bag
  • A fuel mix bottle (for your 40:1 ratio fuel mix)
  • A basic tool-kit
  • The worthy engine itself!

Straightforward assembly is assured with the full manual and instructions. Get to know your manual to get the best from your machine - wise words indeed! These are two-stroke machines and will return a fuel mix of petrol and two-stroke oil mixed at a ration of 40 parts petrol to 1 part two-stroke oil. The free fuel bottle will make sure that you are on-point every time.

Warranty and After Care

Our machines are designed for use at home and we offer a two year warranty so that you know that while at a frankly brilliant price-point, they are machines that we believe in - and by extension you can too.

We have an After-Care Team based at our headquarters in Louth Lincolnshire. If you need any further advice or there is an issue of nay kind (not that we expect them!) you can call and SPEAK TO A HUMAN BEING! Imagine that in this day and age.

We're right on the crest of the wave with innovation in terms of the machines, tools and equipment that we sell, but we're old-school when it comes to looking after our customers. We'll leaf that with you to consider. The editor will have me for that.


Leaf blowers blow leaves - Einstein award goes to......! However, they are really useful for other tasks too that you may not have thought of. Have a look at our Leaf Blower hacks to the other ways you can put these brilliant machines to use. They are a great deal of fun to use.

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