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ParkerBrand are pleased to announce new stock of our popular ten-inch and twelve-inch fans has arrived.  We were very surprised as to how popular these have been.  There's more of  demand than we realised.  Clearly you're big fans, boom tish!

Our ParkerBrand PPVF-300 and ParkerBrand PPVF250 both have a displacement of 2295 CFM from a fan that spins at 3300 RPM you'll experience totally controlled and powerful extraction or ventilation.  That's a lot of moving air  - you'll certainly feel the benefit when employing these in a range of settings.  They are perfect for decreasing drying times on plastering and other DIY projects as well as being perfect for ventilating small or enclosed areas where you may be working with materials that need aeration.

Both fan sizes feature sturdy rubber feet with steel mountings, durable carry handles and robust fully welded fan blades.   These are 'plug and play'; these are 230v so you can can plug them directly into your domestic main supply and flick the switch - your fan will leap to life and give the kind of performance that you would expect of a ParkerBrand product.


To get the most out of your 10" or 12" Portable Ventilation Fan it is certainly advisable to check out the ducting that we offer for each model. Clearly this increases both the effectiveness and utility of your fan. Made from strong PVC with loop supports along the full length they are fully folding and store perfectly neatly.

If required both the 10 and 12-inch ducting can be extended if required (the standard single length is more than suitable for most situations though. All you will need is the correct size ducting coupler which are readily available on line across the UK and Western Europe at low cost.

Ducting allows you to channel fumes and dust out of the work area swiftly and to a directed evacuation point - they are highly recommended to get the most out of these competitively priced machines and ducts.

ParkerBrand fans - get them while they' ! In stock NOW.

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