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Leaf Blowers: All You Need to Know


With the shift in the season and windier weather you’re bound to see your neck of the woods disappearing under drifts of leaves. It could be looking chaotic pretty quickly out there.  Here at ParkerBrand we’re in the business of making tasks easier for you.  At this time of the year that starts with both the PBLB-6500-B and the PBV-2600 leaf blowers.

Our established reputation from design to delivery has been well earnt and that includes these fine examples from our range.  We certainly have no intention to rest on our laurels.  Aside from getting orders dispatched to every corner of the UK and over into Western Europe we’re all about having the right tool for the job.  On point and practical; it’s not just our ethos but a great way to describe our leaf blowers. They’ll will make light work of what might otherwise be heavy going.

Let’s take a look at each machine in turn.  One thing you can be sure is the fact that both of these blowers whip up a wind twice as fast as the average winter storm we can expect in the UK.  Hold on to your hat!


Always extremely popular, since it first featured in our range this 1HP, 26cc engine powers a machine that has a great deal of utility. It’s absolutely three machines in one. A raging storm of over 175mph right there in your hand, you’ll be whipping leafy city into shape more briskly than you could imagine. They are perfect for your garden, allotment or parcel of land.

This hand-held machine does come with another function though, it will also very effectively vacuum the leaves and comes complete with a robust canvas collection bag. You’ll be giving the rake a full-time break and saving a great deal of time and effort on your part.

Aside from those two primary functions you also have the added utility of a third function; a built-in mulcher with a steel blade that will make mincemeat of the autumn leaf fall.  This is an ideal preparatory stage for composting or to condense leaf-litter if you are sending it directly to your green waste tip. You'll be saving space, saving time and at this price point, cash too.  That’s ParkerBrand!

Our leaf blowers are easy to maintain and keep match-fit - you’ll receive a full detailed manual for you to really get to know your machine. A clear plus is also the fact that the pipes can be easily disassembled and stored neatly. A real bonus in a busy shed, garage or workshop.

Aside from a sturdy machine you’ll get the following in the box that you receive;

  • Full set of pipes
  • Sturdy canvas collection bag
  • Fuel Mix bottle
  • Tool Kit


Once you discover just how easy to use and effective your new blower is you’ll be keen to get cracking! Sturdy as it is, you need to pay attention to what you’re whipping up with the vacuum and even mulching.  Keep an eye out for sticks and more importantly stones – they aren’t on your machines menu. Our designers had leaf litter in mind, so take a moment to give the area you are clearing a quick once-over check before you switch on your machine.




These are specifically designed for larger gardens and properties, especially those that have large individual trees or plantations and the like. These are very powerful machines that will certainly impress.  They are a surging storm on your back with a maximum output of 200mph.  Yet, due to thoughtful design taken from practical experience they are easy to control and maintain.

Although they don’t have the vacuum facility in the way the PBV-2600 does they certainly do have a far more powerful engine and greater range for clearing leaves swiftly and effectively. With a full 2.8KW / 3.8HP capacity the 65CC engine is a tried, true and well tested ParkerBrand favourite that we’ve designed for you to have faith in.

Seeing is believing and now you know we’re serious.  That’s a high-performance machine.  I would say that you’ve no doubt been blown away, but I’ll probably never get it past the editor.

These back pack blowers have been very popular for a number of years now, having joined the ParkerBrand range from early on. It only takes a few web searches to realise just how keenly priced they are. We feel it’s important to point out that you are getting a thoughtfully designed, well-made machine.

It’s simply tried and true ParkerBrand know-how that allows us to bring them to you at a market disrupting price. What’s more you can expect swift, dependable delivery no matter which option you choose.  Add to that true after sales care and a two-year warranty.  The knowledge that we carry spares and even offer servicing too should serve to reassure you too.  Altogether, that means you know you’re getting a great deal from every angle.

Check out this link here and you’ll see that we’re not joking about the storm force winds this machine can whip up.


Just a quick note on the difference between the 6500 and the 6500-B models.  What is the difference between the two backpack models? The answer is quite simply, nothing much. All that differs is a tweak to the casing around the engine of the 6500-B that gives it a slightly different appearance.  The engine and the performance are just as brilliantly effective, and you still receive all of the same kit. As with the PBV-2600 you get the full machine with all the easy-fit pipes required as well as the fuel mix bottle and the toolkit. Awesome, let’s whip up a hurricane.  Easy, Harry Potte


Using the ParkerBrand leaf-blowers means you’ll have a mass of green waste in a minute of minutes. With the hand held PBV-2600 you’ll be piling up the leaves each time you empty you canvas bag. If you using one of the 6500 backpack blowers you'll certainly have a large pile quickly.  of course you can take these to the green waste and they will be composted (depending on your local authority).  You can also create leaf mould and add to compost.  The RHS always give sound advice garnered from tried and true practice.   Why go out and spend money on fertiliser and  soil conditioner when all you have to do is follow a natural cycle and it's all sewn up?


We believe in our machines and we know they perform.  Confidence like that needs to be backed-up of course and you won’t find us wanting in that department.  We offer a full two tear warranty on all of these machines.

We don’t expect you’ll need it, but the ParkerBrand warranty is there if you need us. We are always prepared to step-up to the mark exactly when you need us.  A fully dedicated UK-based customer care team can be reached by phone during office hours and of course you can email the team at any time and you can expect a prompt reply – it may be busy at times, but we’ll get back to you as swiftly as we can.  This alone is a great reason to purchase from ParkerBrand.

Our customer care team are dedicated professionals who are able to help you make informed choices when selecting kit, directing maintenance advice or dealing with warranty claims. You’ll speak to someone who will help you to resolve your enquiry or issue.

Beyond after-sales care and even beyond your two-year warranty we are still on your side and ready to help.   Unlike many manufactures at this astonishing price point we take pride in stocking spares for all of these machines from recoil starting mechanisms to replacement carburettors, we have them – and, if we don’t, we’ll be sure to do our best to supply them as quickly as we are able. Our tech team are resourceful fellas.

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