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Order Spare Parts For Your Machine

When initially ordering a machine on our Customer Care Line, customers often ask whether they can get spare parts. Rightly so, it's an important factor when ordering any equipment.

We take responsibility for ensuring that our customers can maintain their machines beyond the initial two year warranty. That starts with making available key spares for both our four stroke and two stroke models. It includes offering exploded diagrams and instructional videos where we can; we're expanding our video offering all the time.

Easy to Find: Don't Go Spare!

Our spares are super easy to find. We have a dedicated spares section of the site; you simply need to quickly check the drop-down list and find your machine.  Click your selected model number (e.g. PGCB-5200) and the list is right there in front of you.  Simple, straightforward and easy to use; as easy as one, two, three in fact!

Step 1

Select the icon on the left of the search bar as below.

Step 2:

Drop down to spare parts on the menu.

Step 3:

Select your model number eg. PGMT-5200 for a multi-tool

You will the see the full display of all available parts for your machine.

As with ordering anything from ParkerBrand, it's seamless, secure and swift. Place your order and we'll dispatch the same day if you do so before 2pm. If you prefer to order by phone you are very welcome to call the team on 01507 499198 and we'll be happy to serve you.

Spare Not There?

We do supply as many parts as possible for our machines and equipment. As we have a wide selection of machines that means thousands of parts. Everything that we have available is listed and we certainly try to maintain a healthy stock of each and every part. If you need any advice at all please do contact us via [email protected] or 01507499198.

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