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Our PPG-3750 is powerful and portable. You win.

Independence!  Getting your remote power solution sorted has never been easier with ParkerBrand. Having the ability to power tools and equipment independent of a power source is what many people call for - and these days more than ever before.

Our team have designed probably the best generator that you can buy at this price point and we are very happy with the result and we’re sure that you will be too.

We know that the four-stroke 210cc 7HP air-cooled engine is going to be worth it’s weight in gold, simply knowing that you have the energy source you need – and didn’t break your back getting it there.


Simplicity is an art. Simplicity in design, simplicity in use.  Here you’ll find that our 3.75Kva is a straightforward design that provides 110 and 230 volt power exactly where you need it.  An automatic regulatory system (ARS) helps to protect your kit from surges and is definitely reassuring, although running digital equipment from this type of generator isn't recommended. You'll need an inverter generator for that.

Wheely Useful

It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s got some heft, so we want to be sure that you don’t have any difficulty manoeuvring your machine into place or getting it to and fro.  So, true to form ParkerBrand have added a wheel kit which has met with very positive reviews and great feedback in general.

Easily fitted to your generator and giving even more credence to the notion of liberty you’ll be rolling along before you know it.  The robust wheel and handles are designed to utilise your strength to the max and get you where you need to be. 

What will the PPG-37500 power?

This is a very common question and one of our techies has written a comprehensive guide to helping you calculate the power demand of the tools and equipment that you want to run.  You’ll find that it covers all aspects so that you're not in the dark when it comes to knowing what it will achieve. The flexible 3.75kVA 6.5HP ParkerBrand petrol generator has 110v, 220v AC and 12v DC outputs giving you plenty of power options. Take time to check out the guide and you'll be a step ahead in knowing what you need.

What separates ParkerBrand from the competition?

Our expertise isn’t just down to the design and manufacture of equipment you'll find that there are key factors you should consider when buying and ParkerBrand have got it covered.


We work closely with major delivery networks in order to ensure that you product reaches you safely and in a timely manner. We have delivery options that suit all, even in these testing times. Our experienced staff know how to get the best out of the courriers that we work with.


ParkerBrand actually do care. That's refreshing from the off isn't it? You will find the art of conversation isn't lost here. With a dedicated phone number and emails swiftly responded to it's not an empty claim. Whether its advice, information or if you've flagged an issue with your machine our well briefed team will respond in a way that you will instantly know sets us apart.


It's a big word and for sure you want that assurance when you are buying machinery and kit. We're customers too and know what it means. Nothing demonstrates our faith in the materials that we produce than an extended warranty. Buying directly from the ParkerBrand website always guarantees this.


We've got spares. We stock them, we sell them, we've got you covered. This may be a simple consumable part such as wire for your spool, or a new chain for your saw or maybe it's an update on a carburettor. Be sure that we keep a broad range of spares for most eventualities. If we don't have it listed give us a call, we'll help you if we can.

PPG-2800 plus Wheels

Need a smaller generator or have one and want a wheel kit? We've got that covered for you. Our wheel-kit can also be fitted to the PPG-2800 generator. Just make sure it was purchased in 2020 and you'll be grand. Lovely job!

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