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ParkerBrand: On Point Prices

Always Keenly Priced

Price point is right at the top of the list for most customers. We offer all of our machines, tools and equipment at very competitive prices as will be apparent to new customers and familiar to our frequent, regular customers.

For sure it is important for you to know that your ParkerBrand purchase also comes with a two year warranty complete with back up and after sales service from our team in Louth, Lincolnshire. We list accessories and part for our machines too, so you'll never be stuck! These are equally important factors to consider when purchasing any machine online. Depending on exactly where you are there should be a free delivery option too! In short, we'll take care of you. It's not just about the price as savvy customers know.

We're firmly established in the market place but like very UK business we are not impervious to the challenges that 2021 presents to all of us in one way or another.

Equal to the Challenges of 2021

We have worked hard to keep prices consistently low and any rise is very carefully considered. 2021 has already seen our costs rising due to the change in the relationship of the UK and EU and, furthermore, due to steep rises in the cost of our imports due to the global pandemic.

Import costs have increased very significantly indeed in the last two months and the flow of goods through UK ports has been far slower than of late - anyone still reading the headlines will be familiar with the unfolding situation.

We are a hands on team here at ParkerBrand and we have robust import systems that have meant that we have continued to keep products in stock throughout the frankly huge challenges we were all presented with last year. We appreciated the loyalty of our customers who carried on ordering with their usual enthusiasm and due to our well-founded relationships with the UK's best courier networks, continued to deliver those orders promptly.

Minimal Prices Rises

We have had to increase prices marginally as a result of these huge shifts in cost. We have absorbed as much as we can - any price rise is something that we try to hold back on if we possibly can. At present prices rises have been minimal and have not been across the board.

We know that you trust is to take are of you and give the excellent service that has lead us to the highest ratings on consumer website such as Trustpilot. Our service and after-care teams are, as ever, dedicated members of a family firm that offers true customer service

Thank for your continued loyal custom and please be assured that we are constantly reviewing our range to give the best value that we can.

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