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We Are Excellent and We'll Take Your Word For It!

Trustpilot Reviews

Having recently passed over five thousand reviews on the much respected review website Trustpilot with a rating of excellent our dedicated staff are all very pleased. We're a modest lot for sure, and definitely don't rest on our laurels but we're very thankful for your positive reviews.

As a well established Online business we have, from the very beginning, embraced the legitimate democracy of the Internet. Anything else would be less than genuine and we feel sure that you'd agree!

The ability to write a review and know that others will benefit from knowing about you thoughts, feelings and experiences at anytime and anywhere is one of the great advances in the retail industry in the last couple of decades and never more so than now. Any business that has integrity listens to to its customers and absorbs feedback. In other words; what you say, counts!

The trend toward Internet based shopping and services has been building steadily over the last decade. Not news. In 2020 we have seen this way of making purchases take a significant advance for obvious reasons. Therefore, customer reviews have never been more important. Trustpilot is especially well respected by consumers across the Internet as it is secure and tamper free!

We Are a Family Business

We're real people! The whole ParkerBrand team live and work in a small market town called Louth, a farming-centred market town in Lincolnshire. We are not an overarching Internet giant - yes, we're well established and certainly growing, but, as a family business, the core values that we started with have never slipped away. They never will.

We believe in:

  • Being a highly responsible retailer
  • Offering quality warrantied machines, tools and equipment at a very competitive price
  • Providing a straight-forward and totally secure ordering experience
  • Working with worthy delivery partners
  • Giving direct customer care through our phone lines and email

Your reviews seem to prove that these founding principals are solid. Your opinions reflect the fact that you appreciate it. Thank you! Yes, we've got one or two less favourable reviews in there, but that just shows how authentic we are and how Trustpilot really encapsulates that democracy so rooted in the internet.

As you'd expect we pay attention to negative reviews and we've noted that these are, often as not, delivery complaints. We dispatch swiftly and utilise the most reliable logistics companies and courier networks. How do we know they are reliable? We have great relationships and keep the communication fluid. This definitely helps with resolving issues when they arise - oh, and we crunch the numbers too!

Monitoring the performance of our delivery partners is something we take seriously. It takes some diligent organisation and analytics to get it right on time, every single time throughout the UK and Western Europe. But every order counts and we never lose sight of that.

You can't please all of the people all of the time, as the old saying goes! But, here at ParkerBrand, we'll give it a go. And when you're rating excellent on Trustpilot you know you're getting pretty close!

If You Care, Share!

Popping a review on Trustpilot would be honestly appreciated . It keeps us in the picture and future customers too. So we're all better off for it!

Thanks again for rating us as excellent, if only there were a higher category such as 'off-the-map amazing' we'd be going for that - but at ParkerBrand its the kind of thing we pursue anyway!

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