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PGMT-5200 / PGBC-5200: Cutting Nature Some Slack

Your new ParkerBrand PGBC5200 Brushcutter is certainly a powerful machine with the capability of clearing neglected garden areas that might have become over grown or dealing with areas of lawn that have become unkempt or overgrown. You’ll soon be able to lick it into shape.

The trimmer wire will be able to reliably deal with the grasses of course and you can easily change over to the tough three toothed-blade to get through the thicker stems and hardier undergrowth such as brambles and the like.  You are creating a new garden or rescuing your patch of ground, it doesn’t matter, your machine will do the job.

From the ParkerBrand mower range to the Brushcutter and Multitool applications you’ll be able to have a garden that you are proud of.  As most good gardeners know the world is shifting and changing as ever it does, but we’d like to urge you to think of those that you share your garden share with!

We’re talking about the birds and the bees, the insects and the tiny heroes that our eco-system depends upon. The little guys that are up-against it. The humble guardians of nature that all we depend upon.  No-one likes a lecture and we’re not into that either.  What we all like is a fruitful garden that we know is helping the world.  Everyones house is their Castle they say, and your garden a world to some.

So, what do we mean? What’s all that got to do with Brushcutters? Have the guy's at ParkerBrand started wearing flowers in their hair and going to Glastonbury? Nope.  We’re too busy being on point for our customers of course.  However, when using your tools how about leaving a corner for the pollinators such as Bees?

If you are a person with a garden that hasn’t been gravelled, slabbed or concreted over then it’s almost a nature reserve. Yes, it’s reached that point. How about giving just a little space for the Butterflies and insects that our food crops and the whole of humanity need?  Have a look here to see what you can incorporate.  Known as eco-system services, the web of life supports everything and makes the internet look like amateur night in a design shop. Thinking that we are seperate from it must be nuts, right?

We know that once you’re ripping along with our range of gardening tools you’ll be eager to wack through the lot.  With both our ParkerBrand self-propelled mowers and our push along mower your work rate will be quick but if you check here you’ll easily see that stopping a little short will go a long way.

Here at ParkerBrand we really do care about our customers and you know that you can look forward to great aftersales care either by phone or email.  We also care about this beautiful blue jewel of a ball we’re all living on, floating in space. Think about that while you're mowing!

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