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PRICE DROP: Our Best EVER offers

Snag a 'Best Ever' Deal

We're well noted and celebrated for fierce pricing. Keeping our prices keen keeps our customers keen and everybody happy as a result. That counts these days more than ever of course. We have some exceptional offers this Autumn that we'd like to highlight with you from across the whole of our product range.

A Broad Range of Offers

We've selected some great products from a variety of lines to add to our Autumn offers. While we offer great pricing, do remember that we are genuinely committed to our customers. Your purchases includes an extended two year warranty, the services of a Lincolnshire-based Customer Care Team that you can call and speak to in person (a big yes!) or email at any time and we do offer a range of spares should you need them. In short we've got you covered! Here's five of the best that we have on offer right now - pick yours up folks!

On Offer: 12V Electric Winch

Our 12V Electric Winch (3,000LB /1.3 Ton) is on at a winning £85.00 (Inc. VAT) right now. Steel cable, tough rollers and ready to be hooked up to a 12v battery to get the heavy lifting done. You can rely on the three stage re-enforced gearing and 1/4 Inch grade 70 forged hook with safety catch, zinc plated for corrosion resistance and hand saver. That's a lot of winch for you hard earned money.

On Offer:100 Litre Air Compressor

We've been selling air compressors for years - we've got our large capacity PAC-14-100 is on for £261.24 (Inc. VAT). With a 13.8 CFM you can run plenty and with 100ltr tank capacity you're all go! Delivered to you door on a pallet this is a great addition to your high capacity kit.

On Offer: Electric Pressure Washer (110 BAR/1600psi)

ParkerBrand are well known for both petrol and electric pressure washers. This totally complete electric 'plug-and-play' machine has a high psi of 1600psi and is perfect for those with a patio or car to keep clean - and there are stacks of other uses. I use mine to blast my wheelie bins clean. this is the lowest price we have ever offered for our of our pressure washers - get on it!

8.125 kVA Portable Petrol Generator - Electric Start

Our PPG-8125 petrol generators have some serious capacity for running a range of tools for your project. With a 8.125 kVA available and a 25ltr capacity this reliable generator going to do some really hard work for you. What isn't hard is paying £664.99 for this type of generator, delivered by pallet to your door. As ever, to ensure that it will do exactly as you wish you can check our blog to ensure it will power what you need.

On Offer: 30 Amp Inverter Plasma Cutter

Yes, the whole kit and caboodle for £99.74 (Inc. VAT) Our rated plasma cutters are on at fierce prices, the best offer being, this, our 30 amp plasma cutter complete with all consumables, high-quality torch and all the necessary kit to get cutting.

You are very welcome to call our team on 01507 499198 to place your order during office hours, or chat with the team about your purchase if you have further questions. Remember, any order placed before 2pm will be dispatched the same day. You'll be putting you new kit to work before you know it.

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