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Primary Partnership with Trading Standards

High Standards in Every Respect

We have had some great news at ParkerBrand. News that reassures both our customers and indeed ourselves, that our hard work and dedication to customers has been not only acknowledged but certified. This is by way of the fact that we are now an approved Primary Authority Partner with Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards. You can catch up with the full details here.

What is a Primary Authority Partnership?

Primary Authority was launched in 2009. Primary Authority is a means for businesses to receive assured and tailored advice on meeting environmental health, trading standards or fire safety regulations through a single point of contact. This ensures start-ups get it right at the outset and enables all businesses to invest with confidence in products, practices and procedures, knowing that the resources they devote to compliance are well spent.

Customer Care

We have certainly invested a great deal of time making sure we are the best we can be.  We shan’t be resting on our laurels either, we constantly review and make sure that all of our staff and fully informed and well trained.

We have, since the beginning, sought to achieve a consistently high standard of customer care and perhaps even more importantly after-sales care. We decided not to compare ourselves with others – we have own vison of the standards that we wanted to meet in this respect.  Mission statements and fine words are one thing – daily practice is what’s important.

We have always worked closely with Trading standards in order to achieve the consistently standards we sought.  In doing so we know that every aspect of our customer service meets or exceeds the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and such-like legislation. You wouldn’t expect anything less and be sure we do not either.

All of our terms and conditions are clear, concise and aren’t tangled up with legal terms that leave you non-the-wiser. You can read them here.  Should you call one of our advisors or have a read yourself you’ll quickly realise that if something has gone wrong and you are unhappy, we have absolutely clear policies and more importantly procedures. We’re human and we’ll deal with you personally. You’ll be speaking to a member of our UK team based in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Into the Future

The rising reputation of ParkerBrand across the UK and Western Europe states such as Italy and Germany has been hard won. The genuine quality of our range of machines and tools at an affordable and fair price, along with an attitude to customers that  belies a far bigger company has won us very many loyal customers and look forward to caring for many more as we embrace the future.

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