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Seasonal Change

Where ever you are, we hope you had a fantastic summer. It was a classic over here in Lincolnshire.  Well, apart from that time the boss gave everyone food poisoning at the staff barbecue. Or even our designer drifting to within 12 miles of the Dutch coast asleep in his dinghy and the dispatch team discovering that if you put a packet of mints into a bottle of pop you get a massive erupting fountain.

Japes and scrapes aside, It was super hectic too though. Our PGMT-5200 Multi-tools and PGBC-5200 Brush Cutters sold in record numbers quicker than ever. The stalking horses were carts actually! The PMDC-1840 Garden Trolley Wagon Truck and the PPDC-2145 Garden Trolley Dump Truck both proved to be a big hit with the festival-goers.

Campers and those on caravaning trips went crazy for them too. Not forgetting they are an excellent DIY or gardening aid to boot!  On-point as ever, we’ve responded by adding a folding version to our range and we’re stocking up. They will be on line soon -  when are you getting yours?


Summer has bowed its perfumed head to misty, musty Autumn which is melding into its own blazing palette of colours once again.  Even as the cool evenings grow shorter, we all find we are busier than ever. Autumn is certainly no restful period for the gardener and grounds person too, as many of you know full-well, there’s a stack of stuff to do.

We’re fully stocked with our PBV-2600 Leaf blowers ready to respond to the surge in orders – last year saw record sales and happy customers.  These machines seem to transform the activity from being a chore to giving you more – they really are a lot of fun.

If you’ve got larger areas to take care of or trees with denser leaf coverage, then the even more powerful 65cc back packer blower will make you a force to be reckoned with. The PBLB-6500-B Leaf Blower blasts away at a maximum of 210 mph, but don’t worry it is easily controlled so you can apply the power at your will. It’s very impressive stuff indeed. If you want to know more then have a look at our informative blog 


The bee-busy blooms of the Spring time blossom are but memory and the Summer-long fruit growth has swollen between the harvest haze and the first heavy dews. If you’re lucky enough to have a fruit tree, it will be rich and ripe right now.

Even if you don’t have fruiting trees or shrubs this is the season to be pruning and trimming in general. Beech, Birch, Ash or Oak, you’ll need to be taking care of them.

The utility of the ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 multi-tool puts you at great advantage and it can’t be disputed. To begin with the ten-inch chainsaw is the perfect pruning tool, boasting;

  • A huge maximum reach of 3.2m
  • Easy to manoeuvre and small enough to get between branches

Aside from that the hedge trimmer attachment has the same reach and will come into their own to cut everything back for the long sleep of winter.


There’s nothing like a fire to warm the cockles after a long day out in the cooling or already cold weather, and maybe you’re lucky enough to have a log burner or open fire. You get to sit back and sigh, knowing that a hard day is done.

All of our saws are great for getting in the winter wood or cutting up the wood that you have had seasoning over the summer. We particularly draw attention to the ten-inch PCS-2600 and the sixteen-inch PCS-4500.

Both of these are absolutely perfect for building a stack of wood that any beaver would be proud of! They have the utility and perfect bar length for working with safe efficiency to make sure that the woods stack up just beautifully. You’ll get your teeth into the work and be relaxing in no time.


We place great faith in our machinery but if something does go wrong ParkerBrand aren’t going to ignore it.  We’ll be very keen to understand the issue and help you to find the best way to get it resolved.

It goes without saying that all of our tools and equipment have a full two-year warranty and the full back up of a UK-based Customer care team whom you can call during office hours or email anytime.  You’ll receive a prompt response from professionals who care.

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