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Ventilation Fans With Fast Delivery

Our ventilation fans, both 10-inch and 12-inch, are in stock and available. Like all of our products, if ordered before 2pm on a weekday then we shall dispatch THE SAME day. A fast dispatch makes for a quick delivery after all!

When your order is complete you'll receive an order confirmation email and the tracking details will follow shortly thereafter.

While these fans have a multitude of uses. Firstly as a fast and effective method for ventilating large areas to remove fumes from spaces or drying during aspects of construction when quick drying is imperative. These are PLUG AND PLAY they use a normal household plug (230v) so you don't need anything special - just a standard plug.

Simple controls make for genuine ease of use.

Large Fans - Big Benefits

Given that this summer is especially hot, these large fans are the business. The 350-watt motor drives sculpted blades at a choice of two speeds - 2650rpm or 2800rpm that move 63 cubic metres a minute - that's some huff and puff that will cool large areas including cooling your home, workshop or any indoor space.

Check out the full range here. Stay Cool!

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