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Warranty: Commercial Use

Where You Stand with Us

We offer a warranty for the products that we sell. There really is a clear precise and fuss free guide to what the warranty covers on the Warranty tab on every product page.

It is our aim to be as transparent and straight forward as any one would reasonably expect from a responsible business, whether internet based or other wise.

We take our responsibilities and warranty seriously. If something isn't as it should be we'll act within the warranty and the Consumer Act 2015. This protects everybody and it was very much welcome when it came into law six years ago. We adhere to it. We take a constructive approach and have defined systems to deal with issues in a direct, clear and unambiguous manner. Our friendly team are ready to answer your email or speak to you on the customer care line if something is not clear to you.

Commercial Warranty

Our machines, tools and equipment are designed to work well and be reliable - that is precisely why we offer a two year warranty - but, please note: this is for domestic use only.

Although robust and certainly worthy, these machines are not designed to be used for commercial purposes and are therefore NOT covered by warranty. We make this clear on the warranty tab.

Machines that are made for such commercial activity are usually at a significantly higher price, thus reflecting the fact that the machine is covered for hard, daily use. They are frequently not as well maintained or cared for too. Our machines ARE robust, and can stand hard work of course - but not all day, every day.

ParkerBrand are not the exception here by any means. Most companies selling tools and equipment such as ours, or general products designed for the home, have exactly the same policy. We

Think about it for minute - do you see domestic ovens and refrigerators in restaurant kitchens? No, because commercial grade are required to do the hard work and they are far more expensive than anything you will find in the shops. And so it is with us, while we'll stand by the quality and longevity of our machines by offering an extended warranty, these are meant for domestic use and commercial environments, or indeed for hire.

Warranty and Price

You get what you pay for. There 's some wisdom in that - but who ever coined that one wasn't thinking about buying straight from a manufacturer! Our prices are fiercely competitive - it is the direct result of us removing all of the cost associated with stocking our own shops and have endless supply chains across the western European countries that we serve. Therefore you get our product at a very attractive price. It is no a reflection of quality. All of our machine have passed and in nearly every case exceeded the safety standards, emissions compliances and the. They are all CE marked. So, good quality at a competitive price for domestic use. No mystery there.

Who's Ordering?

If you are ordering through your business - that is to say that it is billed to a business then your order will be acknowledged as commercial use. Clearly being in business ourselves, we appreciate you may need it delivered to your workplace, no problem. But if purchased through your business you will have no warranty for your product beyond the initial 30 days.

This means that there is no ambiguity. It's a small point that can, in certain circumstances, become a larger one. We'd simply like to head that one off at the pass! We don't expect that you will have any bother anyway, our return rate is enviably low, you'll be pleased to know. However, it is a key point to consider when ordering your machine - if it's for use at home, don't order through your business. Simple, really.

We are certainly not the only business to take this approach and it is something that we display clearly on the Warranty Tab of each product. Don't read all the warranty stuff? It's not a bad habit to get into in general, maybe it's not that entertaining but we'd rather our customers are informed.

In teh end, we seldom have serious issues arise through warranty and when they do occur we take care of them to the letter of the law and in thoughtful and moral manner. A bit old school? Maybe - but that's where you learn the best lessons.

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