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What is a Petrol Strimmer?

What is a Petrol Strimmer?

Before we go on and answer that in full – we must ask another question; what’s in a word?  Plenty of diverse meanings and interpretations of course, but we’re thinking of just one word here:  Strimmer.  We’re not generally too ponderous and beard stroking here at ParkerBrand – we are always super busy fulfilling your orders and keeping up our high levels of customer service, but the word Strimmer is important in our field of work and enterprise.

What’s in a word:  Strimmer or Trimmer

Strimmer like, for example, Hoover, is a brand name that became a common noun. It was a word created by the boffins over at Black & Decker  - a company that we admire, not least for their pioneering past.  Strimmers are as strimmers do, you might say, but when it comes to using that word, you’ll find that we don’t! We prefer Petrol Trimmer. Trimmers trim like Strimmers strim – they do the same task with equal results.  Our affection for and use of the term is also part of our pioneering past (and with ParkerBrand we doubt we’ll ever leave that spirit behind).  We never forget our roots so as one of our earliest and still most popular products is our PGBC Brush cutter and Line Trimmer and it is still at the heart of the action.

What exactly is a line Trimmer?

A grass line trimmer is a tool which belongs in most gardeners or groundkeeper’s armoury ready to tackle growth of a different kind. It consists of a motor or engine which drives a shaft of various lengths from where an oscillating head or rotating wheel which a nylon or string cord will protrude. This combined with the spinning action driven by the motor, will cut anything that’s unfortunate to cross its path.

What is the difference between a line trimmer and brush cutter?

Essentially, they are the same device, but the primary difference between the two is a brush cutter can cater for the heavier duty attachments which usually consist of a metal blade. Brush cutters are designed to cater for the kind of growth that you find in a “secret garden”; albeit one that has not been seen by mankind for a very long time.

Brush cutters almost always are powered by an internal combustion engine (two or four stroke) as they need a much greater power to drive the head at speed. The brush cutter attachments are usually heavier and need more power to get them to a speed in which they are effective enough to work.

So bigger is better?

Size in this instance does not necessarily mean it is better. If you have a garden with a few small edges that need trimming once or twice a month, then a petrol-powered brush cutter will more than likely be too large for the job.

Smaller jobs are more suited to the smaller engine / electric powered line trimmers which are typically designed for domestic applications such as your home.

Consider the following:

  • Larger tool means more storage space, heavier and less ergonomic.
  • Smaller tool means portable and easier to store and more ergonomic but limited cutting capacity.
  • Fuel – Petrol vs Electric. Both have the positives and negatives.

Why ParkerBrand?

When it comes to garden machinery, we know how to give you the most for a very competitive price.  Our quality machines are supplied with all the kit - all you need it fuel and you're off.  You'll receive

A ready-filled bump feed two line spool, a  super-sturdy three toothed blade, a full harness, fuel mix bottle and a tool kit.  You'll also have the surety of knowing that we have a UK based Customer Care team here in Louth who will certainly be there for anything you might need.  We work closely with reliable delivery partners across the UK and Western Europe, so you can order knowing that we'll be working hard to make sure that you order gets to you safely, soundly and in good time.    Trimming or strimming you certainly be winning with ParkerBrand.

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