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Six is super-duper and it's the number we're a-buzz with.  That’s how many of our machines utilise our dynamic and durable 52-cc engine.  Literally proven in the field, the tried and tested 2HP engine is used on six machines in our gardening range.  We’re all for innovation but that comes from having strong foundations. The creativity comes from how we’ve applied it, the foundation is the sturdy two-stroke engine.

Why choose a petrol-engine garden tool?

Freedom is first and foremost. Unlike mains electric you’ve not limited by cable length – you can work where you need to be without limitation.  No battery charging required either – simply use your mix bottle or a second one in reserve to fill up and crack on.  While these do require some care and maintenance it really isn't anything taxing at all, it's common sense, not only that but the detailed manual gives full guidance.  Need anything more - call the team in Louth, Lincolnshire or drop them and email and they will be happy to help. 


The new comer that we're sure will be with us for years to come.  This is a powerful rotavator-tiller that will muscle through your soil to give amazing aeration and prepare ground for cultivation.  Utilising the true tried an tested 52cc engine to drive four blades (tines) at a  full 6500rpm giving a 30cm wide channel.  Hugely useful for those with allotments or those who have turned over a good stretch of garden to vegetable growing as so many have.  These will be listed on the ParkerBrand website very soon at a typically fierce price with all the backup that you've come to expect of ParkerBrand. 


Our original application of the 2Hp 52cc engine – and a ParkerBrand favourite. Here it drives an effective bump feed spool for edging and cutting grassy areas or a three toothed for brambles and scrub.  Whichever you use, spool or three-toothed blade, it’s whizzing around at an impressive 7500 RPM, so you can always expect first-rate results when you team up with our petrol brush cutter.

The easy-connect split shaft design makes for a durable machine that also means it stores easily and with the minimum of fuss.


Our all -new back-pack design that gives you the full power of the 52cc engine with greater freedom to work on slopes and heights. Designed with a flexible drive mech to give you great reach in tight spots and a good sweeping motion on sloping ground – all with the blade or spool spinning at the same 7500RPM.


The 52cc engine is put to yet another dynamic use with our hole borer.   Perfectly designed for erecting fence posts or planting trees and hedge lines.  Supplied with three auger parts at 100mm (4”), 150mm (6”) and 200mm (8”) along with a robust drill bit and extension bar that makes for deeper reach.  This machine was made to save you what would be some serious effort - if you’re lining up the fence post ready for digging the footings - this is the answer.


In a bold move, our development bods have put together a beauty! Our proven engine is coupled with a tough but effective 1.5” clean water pump that moves up to 85 LRT per min. Very highly portable and resilient, encased in its sturdy open frame - you’ve got a pump that can be used anywhere, quickly.  Its compact size means that it stores like a dream too. Winner!


The apex of the six obsession! Coming in at sixth in the list as a result and totalling five applications and one prime 52cc petrol engine this is certainly one of our biggest sellers. Incorporating five attachments: Chainsaw, hedge trimmer, Three-toothed blade, spool and an extension bar you’ll soon see how this space saver extraordinaire is a must have for gardens who want their outside property under control with minimum fuss. The PGMT-5200 is the answer to a broad range of gardening issues.

In The Box

No matter which machine 52cc machine you pay for your order from us you’ll always receive:

  • A fuel mix bottle to make sure you mix is on point.
  • A toolkit including a Spark-plug wrench

You’ll certainly find that other things are included depending on which of the famous five you have ordered.  All of our product pages are highly informative and cover detailed specifications, and everything that you can expect in the box.


We use a range of delivery partners in order to optimise delivery to your location. No matter where you are, we’ll be working hard to get your order to your swiftly. Simply choose your delivery option, pop through the order payment and we’ll be right on it, that’s for sure.

After Care and Warranty

We have an established team based at our facility in Louth, Lincolnshire who are there to advise on a purchase, take phone orders or to help you deal with any issue that you may have. Tech support is based at the same facility – contact the team through email at any time or call our care line in office hours. We’re old fashioned in our values - but not our solutions.

Effective customer care isn’t easy to get right – but our years of experience have taught us all we need to know about how to meet your needs. Email or call us – a member of our team will respond to you and be ready to help you, no matter what you need.

Six Top Tips For The Super Six

  1. Fuel at a 40:1. That’s 40 parts petrol to 1 part two stroke oil. Use the free mixing bottle that comes with your machine.
  2. Reloading a spent spool is simple and straightforward; our short instructional film shows you how.
  3. Remember to empty the fuel-tank and makes sure the fuel lines are clear before seasonal storage. Fuel is corrosive when sat for a long time and doing this is a great preventative measure.
  4. Keeping your fuel and air filters clean will mean that you get the best from your machine.
  5. ParkerBrand strimmers rotate anti-clockwise so the grass will be ejected from the left-hand side of the tool – the right hand is therefore the best cutting edge.

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