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Connecting the Shafts on A ParkerBrand Multi-Tool and Brushcutter

In this continuing mini-series of short films designed to aid our customers if they require it, we're focussing our attention on how to connect the shafts on your ParkerBrand PGBC-5200 or PGMT-5200 Multi-Tool. In this respect, they work in the same way.

Of course this detailed and illustrated in your ParkerBrand manual that you will have received with you machine. If for any reason you don't have one (and if it's brand new it will certainly be in the box) don't worry you can download the Pdf version - simply look under the 'Literature' tab just above the product description. You'll find some other useful documents there too such as technical drawings.

Get Connected and Get Cracking

So, to the matter in hand. Getting connected! Your Brush-cutter is an exercise in relative simplicity so have no fear! Our much-praised 52cc engine that is now sat beside you drives the chosen attachment by way of a drive shaft commonly referred to as a spline.

Connecting the shafts is straight forward and one of the team walks you through it below. It will be second nature in no time.

If you're thinking of buying and doing some pre-purchase research then we have further material that will assure you that these are uncomplicated and don't require an engineering degree! If you have you box right there, this an equally handy visual aid if you prefer it to teh detailed manual.

Top 5 Tips For Your BrushCutter or Multi-Tool

1. Fuel at a 40:1. That’s 40 parts petrol to 1 part two stroke oil. Use the free mixing bottle that comes with your machine.

2. Reloading a spent spool is simple and straightforward; our short instructional film shows you how.

3. Remember to empty the tank and makes sure the fuel lines are clear before seasonal storage. Fuel is corrosive when sat for a long time and doing this is a great preventative measure.

4. Keeping your fuel and air filters clean will mean that you get the best from your machine.

5. ParkerBrand strimmers rotate anti-clockwise so the grass will be ejected from the left-hand side of the tool – the right hand is therefore the best cutting edge.

Customer Care Team

As ever if you feel you'd like further advice on your purchase then certainly we are happy to take calls during office hours or drop us an email any time. You can look forward to a timely response. We'd never dream of leaving you uninformed or without the assistance, that would just be splineless. I'm sorry - I'll get my coat!

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