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Go Mow: Our Lawnmower Range

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Surprise and delight usually accompany the arrival of a ParkerBrand mower on the scene. For good reasons too: powerful, dynamic and well-made at a ferociously competitive price point they are, as one customer put it recently; “a lot of mower for the money!”

Really, there should be no surprise at all.  ParkerBrand's rising reputation in the gardening sector is purely the result of understanding what customers need - the right product at the right price with seamless ordering and swift delivery.   However, there's another vital factor that customers have told us they value when buying from a web business such as ParkerBrand.  Simply, being able to speak with someone in person. We have a Customer Care team that are based in Louth Lincolnshire, and you can speak to a member of the team at any time during office hours. You can email at any time too of course and the team will get back to you quickly.

Let's have a look at our mowers.  They are tried and tested machines that are as popular as ever - yours is sat there glittering in its box waiting for your order and its new home!

Red-Hot Classic: 17-Inch Hand-Push Mowers

A red-hot gardening classic and popular every year.  We stock two engine sizes for this size cutting deck.  ParkerBrand PPLM 17132 (132cc engine) and the PPLM 1798. (98cc engine).  Both models are the same apart from the difference in the engine size. The full metal deck ensures that the machine is stout and durable and yet without unnecessary bulk - they are nicely balanced machines that have benefitted from a thoughtful approach to their design.

So, robust powder-coated body work aside,  the overriding benefit here with the hand pushed mowers is the fact that they have a 45 litre capacity grass-box. For sure this is larger than average and you'll feel the benefit!

Both machines have a 17 inch steel blade that is more than up to the task - it's fully adjustable too so it's at the perfect height no matter what time of the cutting season. No matter which engine size you choose you'll have the utility of a well-designed engine that you can rely on.

Quick check:

  • Durable powder-coated steel deck
  • 17 inch cutting width
  • 45 litre Grass Box
  • Easy start recoil
  • Powerful, well designed engine
  • Simple handle assembly is all that is required
  • Warranty and service focussed after care
  • Free Delivery for the majority of the UK mainland

This mower is super popular so we always good a good stock - it's perfect for most gardens and stores really well too.

You can place your order through our super secure website any time of the day or night or simply call the team here in Louth during office hours and place your order with us. If you have any questions get in touch  - we're always happy to give you the low down.

Mighty Mower: 21-Inch Self Drive Mower

If you've got a large garden to keep tame over the growing season then you've found exactly what you are looking for!  We can say that with verve and confidence because the ParkerBrand PPLM2119 Full steel decked 21-inch mower is heavy on features and light on the back!  Our largest mower that has grown in popularity as quickly as any lawn, that' for sure.  This will take care of the job for you. The powerful 173cc engine is coupled with a drive mech that means that it will lead and you merely need to guide, no sweat.  Even if the sun does start to have an effect, no worries; there's even a drinks holder for you on the handle frame!

For a domestic machine, the 70ltr grass box is generous and will save on leg work.  Prefer to mulch? Not to worry at all - this mower has a full mulching port that will mean that you have this option when ever you wish. The mower comes with our solid 21-inch blade spinning at 2800 rpm so you won't be disappointed  - it'll cut the mustard and your lawn. Very straight forward and simple to assemble,  these are delivered directly to your door for absolute convenience. You'll see that the pricing on all of our mowers is pretty fierce  - especially so with the 21-Inch beast!

Warranty and Spares

We offer a warranty for the products that we sell. There really is a clear precise and fuss free guide to what the warranty covers on the Warranty tab on every product page. It is our aim to be as transparent and straight forward as any one would reasonably expect from a responsible business, whether internet based or other wise. With think it's important for everything to be clear.  These are sturdy machine with a great reputation so you have little to worry about - long life to the mowers!  That said, if you do need parts in the future, not to worry, we've got that covered too!


Ordering is a doddle. We take card payments and PayPal. As long as you've got your address details to hand, simply enter them into the required fields, choose your delivery (free where possible) and pop your payment through - we're adept at making sure we take care of things swiftly from there.

We use cutting edge in-houses systems to monitor your delivery seamlessly from the moment that you order on the website (or by phone with our Customer Care Team) right to the point of delivery. Our delivery partners are the biggest international names in the sector. We monitor their performance regularly so that we know that they're on-point for us both.

We're happy to be a British family company serving our customers from our HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire. We're committed to a seamless customer experience and genuine after care with people that you can really speak with.  You'll be good to go and mow in no time!


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