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Hedge Your Bets with Us

There is no gamble ordering with ParkerBrand. Our website offers straight forward easy and secure ordering , designed with our customers in mind. Simple and, importantly, quick; any order placed before 2pm on any weekday is dispatched the same day.

There's no maze to negotiate when it comes to our hedge trimmers either. The ParkerBrand PGHT-2600 petrol hedge trimmer is as easy to use as it is to maintain. They have certainly grown in popularity over the last few years. We put this down to several factors over all:

  • Exceptionally competitive price for a petrol powered machine
  • Safe and seamless ordering and delivery
  • A powerful two-stroke 26cc petrol engine
  • A set of full 24 inch blades
  • Freedom from electric leads - no safety concerns and roam where you wish without limitation
  • The security of an extended two-year warranty - clearly detailed on the warranty tab of the product page.
  • Genuine customer after-care

A Spring trim is well advised to ensure that your garden is well maintained and looking neat - as you no doubt like it.

After Spring then it depends of course on the nature of your hedging but do be sure to check for nesting birds. They have it hard enough these days with endangering their chicks who are as valuable as ever. A quick check is worth it and will make all the difference to our avian buddies.

Reach for The Skies

It might be that you have hedges that are particularly high and well-established or are awkward to access. As you'd expect, we've long had a solution here at ParkerBrand.

Our petrol powered 52cc is utilised to huge effect on the ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 Multi-Tool . Among its array of applications is a hedge trimmer attachment. When combined with the extension pole it gives a total reach of 3.2m. Consistently popular, the fact that you can get such a high reach with both the hedge trimmer and chainsaw attachment to boot is very appealing to our customers.

The fact that it is driven by a genuinely proven, powerful 52cc two-stroke petrol engine really adds to it too. this solves the question of high hedge maintenance and gives you a pruning chainsaw, a trimmer and brush cutter applications to boot!

That's two great solutions for getting the hedge in good order. We have a Customer Care Line; 01507 499198, and you can call us within office hours if you have any further questions or even place your order on the phone if you prefer. Otherwise, we always answer our emails promptly. We're ready as ever!

After Warranty Consideration

After your warranty has come to end we are sure that, when maintained and cared for as directed in the manual you'll continue to get great service from your machine. We all know the effect of time and labour on machinery and some parts do wear eventually.

We never want our customers to be caught out or in the lurch as they say; we have made a genuine effort to keep stock of key spares so that you can get the best use from your machine for the years to come. It's definitely worth considering. You're getting a really competitive price as you are buying direct, but that doesn't mean that you aren't backed up all the way!

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