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It has to Be... 52-CC: Our Most Popular Engine

If you are one of our ever-expanding group of loyal customers or are new to ParkerBrand and have had a good look at our website, you may have noticed one thing:  the 52cc features on three of our biggest sellers.

We’ve put a great deal of time and effort, just as you’d expect, into honing our products and never more so with those that feature the robust and reliable 52 cc engine.  Not much in life is sure, but here you can be certain that ParkerBrand have done all they can to give you flexibility and performance with genuine reliability.

As it’s a classic two stroke engine it runs on a mixture of petrol and standard two stroke oil at a ratio of 40:1. We put great faith in the engine to accomplish the disparate tasks that it is given and we are rightly proud of the performance history.

Our ParkerBrand PGBC-5200 Brushcutter

Our brush cutter is a no-nonsense winner that never fails to please.  The 52cc is put to great use here on an established classic that has been one of best sellers for a long time.  The engine drives the spool allowing you to do away with long grass and the like or use the supplied metal three toothed blade to make light work of brambles and brush.  You can use the videos on the website to check the simple fitting technique  - or even to see how to re-fill the spool so that you don’t needlessly waste time or money.  We’re on point for you as ever.

Our ParkerBrand PGEA- 5200 Earth Auger

With a reputation built on genuine reliability and a price-point that never fails to surprise our auger has received plenty of praise from customers.  For many customers this is the go-to tool for boring holes for fence posts - but it has other very useful applications too.  Here the 52-cc engine is configured to turn our study auger drills that come in useful sizes to give you plenty of range.  We also include an extension bar so that you can reach that bit deeper to get the toughest home tasks done. Naturally humble by nature,  ParkerBrand are rightly proud of what can be achieved with this configuration of our resilient 52-cc engine. This is a great addition to anyone's kit and they will find them selves reaching for it more than they think - especially after they realise how much it saves their back!

Our ParkerBrand PGMT-5200 Garden Multi-Tool

If you're a Gardner (and most at ParkerBrand are) then you'll know how much there is to do all year round.  Even if you are not especially deposed to it and are not not what you might call green fingered, then you'll no doubt want to make sure that your property is looking up to the mark. Our 52-cc engine is configured to drive a variety of applications including a ten inch pruning chainsaw, hedge trimmer as well as the ever useful brush cutter attachments.

You don't have to go charging through everything of course  - don't forget that these days any garden is a kind of nature reserve.  You'll be  the perfect custodian of your own patch of green with our multi-tool.  Aside from its obvious flexibility, it offers a clear advantage in the fact that once you have our tool you have eliminated the notion of a packed-to the-rafters shed, garage or workshop. Storing away with the minimum of fuss, you'll be pleased you chose ParkerBrand.

Heads Up - A Few Reasons Why You Should Opt for a ParkerBrand Machine

The Full Kit and Kaboodle

Never a company to leave you wanting in any respect ParkerBrand dispatch all of the 52-CC machines with everything you need to get started.  You can opt to order with oils and the like, but even so,  AS STANDARD we supply a tool  kit for maintenance and general applications, a mix bottle to keep your 40:1 mix perfectly on point (don't over egg the pudding folks!), as well as all the individual additions for each configuration, be that the Brushcutter or the Muti-Tool or indeed the outstanding Earth Auger.

Warranty and After Sales Care

We're old school.  We're bang up-to date in our use of high tech solutions in regard to ordering and delivery as you'd expect, but thoroughly old school when it comes to taking care of our customers. We offer a two year warranty that's fully in line with all legislation so you know that we take our responsibilities seriously. It's easy to say but takes a lot of work to keep it all running smoothly.  We're committed though and we hope it shows. Action above empty words proves it every time and we are sure that you agree.  We certainly hope that knowing you can call us in office hours and speak to one of the team based in Louth, Lincolnshire. At other times you can email our team and be sure of a speedy response.  We've invested in robust IT systems that mean we're right on it, every time.  Whether it's a simple enquiry or if something's not as it should be you can look forward to genuinely attentive service.

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