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Mr Rotavator : Our NEW 52cc Mini Tiller

Expanding our application of the near legendary ParkerBrand 52cc engine into new areas has been fun for the design team. The new ParkerBrand PGTR-5200 rotavator is yet another perfect pairing of the reliable and the purposeful. Our steadfast engine that already features on five of our most popular machines, has really found it's place here.  Rotavating is motivating: the results will mean that your earth is ready for the next stage of activity and it's an exciting moment when the job and the stage is set so to speak! 

It became clear last year that the 52cc ParkerBrand auger was one of the biggest selling nationally and following customer feedback we decide to bring the tiller on board. We're not exactly moving mountains to do it, but we're certainly helping you to move earth!  The ParkerBrand PGTR-5200 will save you a great deal of time, labour and sweat.  Any gardener will know perfectly well that the tasks pile up pretty quickly and anything that aids you with the big jobs will mean that you're already a head of the game. 

These machines are not the big and bulky hulks that you might have in mind.  These comparably light, sprite and nifty tools have a broad range of uses, principally;

  • Tilling earth to a depth of 15cm-20cm
  • Churning and aerating soil in preparation for planting vegetables, bulbs, seeding
  • Destroying weed root systems and giving you far less weeds in the long term. 
  • Preparing soil for the laying of turf

Cometh The Season, Cometh The Machine

Autumn and early-winter and certainly the best seasons for rotavating and preparing the ground for an application of leaf mould, compost or manure. This is essential for productivity and the ParkerBrand PGTR-5200 front-tine tiller will peak at the peak of its utility in the colder seasons as you prepare the ground for planting and the spring an summer growing seasons.  Really wet ground isn't advised, certainly when the earth is damp, perhaps a couple of days after rain is the optimum time for tilling.  

Before tilling (rotavating) be certain to make sure that you clear the ground of large sticks and really hefty growth that might get tangled in the tines  and you are clear to proceed. Be sure to check the guidance in the manual for settings - if this is the first time the ground has been tilled, start shallow and then pass again at a deeper setting. Tilling isn't an art as such, but certainly it is something that you will get a feel for after a while, in the end it all depends on the nature of the soil that you are dealing with. 

Vital Statistics

The ParkerBrand PTGR-5200 has:

  1. Four tines (blades) with a combined total width of 300mm (approx 12 inches). 
  2. A full steel mudguard
  3. A 52cc  engine working at 6500rpm
  4. Sturdy full-metal frame with reinforced engine mounts
  5. Well-sized and thoughtfully angled handle bars 
  6. Weighs in at a respectable 14kg - light enough to handle, weighty enough to be effective. 

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering is a doddle. We take card payments and PayPal. As long as you've got your address details to hand, simply enter them into the required fields, choose your delivery (free where possible) and pop your payment through - we're adept at making sure we take care of things swiftly from there.

We use cutting edge in-houses systems to monitor your delivery seamlessly from the moment that you order on the website (or by phone with our Customer Care Team) right to the point of delivery. Our delivery partners are the biggest international names in the sector. We monitor their performance regularly so that we know that they're on-point for us both.

We're happy to be a British family company serving our customers from our HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire. We're committed to a seamless customer experience and genuine after care with people that you can really speak with.  You'll be making tracks before you know it. 

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