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PPG-2800 - New User Manual

The ancient libraries of Alexandria, Rome and the Vatican. The British Library, Louth Junior Lending Library – all fine and legendary institutions spanning the breadth of known history.  What they haven’t got yet, or indeed never had, was a copy of the single most important tome in the annals of ParkerBrand so far.

The PPG-2800 generator manual has been updated, expanded and over-hauled to such a degree that it surely will take its place in the hallowed halls of the British Library. At least we feel it should.  Who needs Anglo-Saxon illuminated texts when you have got a manual so informative even Alfred the Great himself would have been lost in wonder?  Especially as he would have been holding a candle to look at it!!

Erm…. warped historical time-lines aside, one of our design bods, Zac, has been bang at it!  Taking on board past comments from customers (we really do value and absorb feedback) He’s really been to town on this one.

It is fully complete with exploded diagrams, a trouble shooting guide and a very informative section on set-up.  You’ll also find very useful section on points of maintenance such as cleaning the fuel valve or checking the air filter.  Fully illustrated and truly instructional this really has hit the mark. You’re bound to learn something along the way and keep your machine in tip-top condition to boot.

As the Generator is one of our most popular products, we felt that getting this manual updated was essential.  Clearly, they are dispatched with the product but for those of you that have one already  they are also available to download from the product webpage here.

We are consistently making sure that our customers feel supported and informed. After-sales care is a major part of the ParkerBrand philosophy.  We listen to our customers and we value feedback in a genuine way.  If you’re not listening to your customers, you’re not going to be around very long right?  We intend to be in business when a lap-tops are as old as illuminated texts.

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