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Why won't ParkerBrand be taking part in a Black Friday sale?

Because every day is Black Friday at Parkerbrand.  No, it's not a get out, it's actually true and reflects our pricing policy from the get-go. We offer VERY competitive pricing all the time.

How come?

When you buy from ParkerBrand, you're buying direct from the manufacturer, we don't supply 'middlemen' and as we're strictly e-commerce we don't have all the cost that come with running and staffing shops.  Every bit of the cost savings are then passed on to you, the happy customer. shops - so you're hard to get hold of?

No way!!! We've been there too and it's not what we want for our genuinely valued customers. We have a great team of customer care folk at our headquarters in Louth, Lincolnshire whom you can call and chat with during office hours.  They can offer advice on requirements, help you to make choices and furthermore, while we don’t expect it,  but should you have an issue at any point,  they'll also help you to get it resolved swiftly.  We're humans and you can speak to us during office hours! We don't hide behind a website.

Can I order from ParkerBrand on the phone then?

Naturally we take phone orders if you prefer shopping that way.  Give us a call and we'll have what you'd like on the way in a jiffy. We accept all the usual debit and credit cards, as you'd expect.

Will the 5% reduction that you have on loads of products continue throughout November?

It certainly will!  We shall maintain that right through as we have for the last couple of months. This means that customers buying directly from ParkerBrand get an even better price.

What about delivery, don't you make a profit out of that?

Frankly, no.  Where it is geographically possible we deliver for free on orders over £40, otherwise we offer a very low cost delivery for highlands and islands and the island of Ireland. More to the point, no matter where you live, if you order before 2pm on a weekday we'll dispatch the same day.  We know how it is; when you've ordered something you want it pronto!

So, what about E10 petrol - aren't garden machines changing? 

As usual we are on top of game here. Our machines are E10 ready and have been for some time.  Don't worry, as ever, we are on point for our customers!

Don't say: 

I'll wait till Friday, 26 November 2021 to order!

Do Say: 

As usual,  ParkerBrand are still selling warrantied machines for the most competitive prices day in, day out!


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