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Our 52CC Machines Take On Autumn: New Leaf Blower Attachment

A 140mph Addition To Your Brush Cutter and Multi-Tool

As the bright colours of Summer surrender to more hushed hues - pale golds and yellows,  reads and russets we feel the turning of the season and sigh. Perhaps it is the though of hearty lunches as the mist fades after a damp morning.  Perhaps its the constant mass of leaves landing all over your garden and around your house!  The latter is most peoples concern - and ours too.  We've responded with a highly effective, robust and reliable leaf blower attachment.

The attachment simply fits to the end of your machine in the same way that you would fit the attachment to your PGMT-5200 Multi-Tool or PGBC-5200 Brushcutter.  The internal spline that drives your spool or chain saw attachment and the like can now drive a powerful leaf blower.  With a seamless and fuss-free fit you'll really be upping your game, Parker style. Coupled with the 52cc engine  a powerful maximum blow rate of 140 mph with a CFM of 475.  That's some capability for an inline attachment.

Retro Fit to the Machine You Already Own

The attachment comes with a small splined interface that then fits seamlessly to the drive shaft on your 52cc machine.


Step One

Simply affix the splined drive shaft to the main body of the blower unit








Step Two

Fit the drive shaft from your blower to teh split shaft leading from the engine, just as you would if you were fitting the hedge trimmer attachment to your PGMT Multi-Tool or the lower shaft on your PGBC Brushcutter.





It really is as straight forward as that.  It's a brilliant easy storage option if you don't want a full dedicated leaf blower.  We listen to our customers and bringing even more utility to our steadfast 52cc machines was what we knew you wanted. Here you are!  You can order one to fit to your existing machine with ease and have a full range of delivery options - or if you researching for a new machine adding this to your purchase will save you money and give you maximum utility.  May the force ten be with you!

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