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ParkerBrand Pressure Sprayers: We're Misty Eyed.

At last! Our pressure sprayers are here and we’re all misty eyed about it. With a host of applications this simple machines will be useful to both our loyal customers and our very welcome new ones. We’ve had plenty of enquires and requests concerning them, and they have been slated to join our ever-expanding and highly popular range of gardening products and machinery for a while.  We’re pleased to be able to offer them to you now and at a perfect time too.

Keep It Simple

Our hand and knapsack pressure sprayers are simple bits of kit that you can rely on. All of them have a container that is pressurised using a pump handle, this is then connected to a lance with a nozzle or simply a nozzle which is then used to apply the liquid, in spray or mist form. Simple, effective and hassle free. We all love kit like that!  Made with durable materials and complete with straight forward assembly and operational instructions you’ll have it out of the swiftly delivered package and in put to use in no time.


We’re ParkerBrand so we’ve thought it through, and we’ve got it covered. You’ll see from our range that you can opt for a very handy 2ltr version very useful for patio pots or specific plants.

Water: The Key to Top Crops

Watering or misting your plants and flowers is certainly one of the key ways to make sure that your hard work bears fruit (or vegetables!). You don’t need us to point that out really but the key to it is often how you go about it.

Herbicides and Treatments

You can use your sprayer to administer treatments to your plants or garden and it has never been more straight forward. Simply mix and go.  These pumps are also great for feeding your lawn  - for sure you don’t have to worry about hose lengths or power cords – have pump will travel!

Of course it’s the same with treatments for other areas where you might want weed control. Drive’s path ways  - they will give coverage no matter what the surface.


Our ParkerBrand Pressure Sprayers are well suited to spraying disinfectant too.  You can be sure of good even coverage and a hassle free operation with the simple mechanism and a nozzle that Is well up to the task.

Delivery and Warranty

You can be sure of timely dispatch of your order and we offer a range of delivery options.  We have a tried and very well tested delivery system and we work in partnership with a range of reputable delivery companies to make sure that your order arrives safely and in good order.  With a warranty policy that illustrates our dependability you can order in confidence.

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