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ParkerBrand: Some of the Best Machines for Your Allotment

A Tool for All Seasons

Allotments are finally the last word in cool!  A new generation has been captured by the pleasure of gardening and producing their own fruit and vegetables.  It’s something the older generation already knew of course and there’s lots of advice being passed back and forth.  We've learnt from customers that ParkerBrand have had more than a few mentions. We like it when customers are recommended by people who are already using and enjoying our machines and tools. As a company based in Louth, Lincolnshire, we know our onions - and cabbages too!

With on-line communities and chats over hedge lines and fences, allotments have been an important way of helping to cope with the turbulent year that is 2020. If you're reading this you don't need to be told how gardening and growing your own produce refreshes the senses, the mind and the soul!

However it’s not just an antidote to doom and gloom  - it has been an upward trend over the last couple of years and the popularity of allotment gardens has appealed to those who want to build resilience in their food supply, provide families with organic produce, donate to foodbanks or simply for the joy and satisfaction of it.

Many ParkerBrand customers have allotment and vegetable gardens of all shapes and sizes – including grand kitchen gardens for large houses to good old traditional allotments.  We know how much work it all is – from first-hand experience (the best kind!). All hail the allotment keepers and veg growers. You always knew that you were cool!

A Tool for All Seasons

We know it’s hard work, even if the result is a pleasure.  ParkerBrand have been specialising in tools for the domestic garden for some time and have built a loyal following due to their durable nature and perfect price point.

We have a broad range of machines that will make your life easier and give you more time to think about and work on your soil, planting and all those myriad tasks that seem to be there no mater what time of the year.

Brush Cutter and Multi-Tool

Allotments can be seen in two ways – working hard to get things growing and working hard to stop things growing in the wrong places.  Both of these ParkerBrand standards are growing to keep you neat, tidy and on point.

Our Brushcutter has built a loyal following and is one of our most popular machines. The bump-feed spool is easy to use and very effective. It's perfect for keeping the growth back along the edges of your allotment.

You can utilise the three toothed blade if you have ground to clear of brambles and over growth or want to make light work of clearing an area that you have cropped and need to open up ready for soil conditioning or a classic digging over. It's quick, and straightforward to flip between the two.

Chainsaws at the Perfect Price Point

Our range of saws have never been more popular and are useful for a broad range of tasks.  Allotment holders are particularly keen on our 10 inch top handle pruning saw  - perfect for pruning everything from over hanging branches or shaping fruit trees.  

Its simple and straightforward design means that is perfect for those with little or no experience of petrol chainsaws and really work effectively to get your garden how you'd like it.

3 in 1 Leaf Blowers with Vac and Mulching Functions

We are on top of our game so that you can be too. Make short shift of those leaf masses and turn them into rich, potent leaf mould which as you may well know, it terrific as a soil conditioner.

Both of our 3 in 1 machines are tried, true and very well tested and really do perform. They are perfect for all gardens and properties but are invaluable to the vegetable garden or allotment keeper. Some of our customers collect leaves from home and take them to the allotment. Our thoughtful design makes that quick and easy too - emptying the tough collection bag has never been easier.

Our Warranty Speaks for Itself

When you buy from us you'll find that you are buying from a Lincolnshire based company with experience and integrity. That starts with our two year warranty which is available to all customers that buy from our site.

Our experience is never more evident when it comes to after care. You can call or email us here in Louth if you need help with selecting a machine for your needs or even to order over the phone. If something is not as it should be our After-Care Team work closely with the Technical Workshop to resolve issues no matter what they may be.

You won't be left in the lurch when it comes to availability of accessories either. We keep a good stock of them as well as abroad range of parts for our machines if required, years down the line. If you need any advice or information in that regard, call us or drop us an email and we'll be right on it for you.

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