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PGHT Hedgecutter: New UPDATED Manual 2021

Take It to The Hedge!

Our PGHT-2600 hedge trimmers have had a manual over haul!  Not the design of course,  which is as robust as ever, and has cemented its place in the ParkerBrand gardening range as a permanent fixture. What we have done is made sure that our manual  has been rejuvenated with even clearer instructions, more illustrations and pertinent information.   This means that you will get the best out of the machine in every respect, from initial assembly and use, to continued care and servicing  to ensure the long service that these hardy tools give when cared for as instructed.  Like you and I, with proper care and attention it will always give it's best.

Pdf Download

You can download the updated manual here as a Pdf file:

PGHT-2600 User Manual 2021

Tech Team Top Tips

Your 26cc engine coupled with the trusty 24" (60cm) blades will keep your hedges trim and neat the year round. Here are a couple of top tips from the tech team:

  • Keep your machine well greased before and after use - your blades will glide
  • Before storing for the winter season be sure to:
  1. Empty the fuel tank
  2. Start the machine as you would if you were going to use it
  3. Run until it stops
  4. Grease and store

WHY?  Doing this helps to preserve the fuel lines as well as the carburettor from the effect of the fuel. For example, the petrol element will evaporate quickly and may leave 2 stroke blocking the jets in the carburettor.  If this does happen STP or Holts spray provide an effective way to remove remaining two stroke - but better to be a step ahead.  This action is advisable for all two stroke machines and is an excellent general top tip!


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