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The Benefits Of Using 3D Secure 2.0

Site security: for ParkerBrand and indeed, for any responsible e-commerce business this is the first and the last consideration. Yes, product worthiness, equipment ranges, customer care response times, dispatch and delivery efficiency; they are all vital but, site security is arguably the most fundamental of those core aspects of a safe and reliable e-commerce business.

When people purchase from us they expect that we take care of security as a matter of course - and we do. But it's a fast moving scene, and resting on your laurels invites trouble. Vigilance doesn't have to be riddled with paranoia of course, it's a case of using the right tools in the right way and 3-D secure has always consistently been a part of the infrastructure that we employ to give our site the highest grade of security. So when the system we use is updated, we're quick of the mark to get the best of it.

What Advantage Does 3D Secure 2.0 Give?

When you place your order on you are protected in a every way, hence 3D, so you know that your payment and your details are secure. We know that Fraud losses on UK-issued cards totalled £574.2 million in 2020* and we don't want any ParkerBrand customer to feel insecure about making payment and we don't want to be concerned about the validity of accepting payments. So, what does 3-D secure offer in its second incarnation for customers? Most of us don’t think about just how much happens when we swipe, insert, tap or type in our credit card information. In a flash, credit card and customer information determines if the customer has the funds to pay for the purchase and if there are any fraud red flags. Then the transaction is either approved or denied.

  • As a customer you will no longer be required to fill out an authentication box with a password or code (so often forgot or not send to phones etc) . Instead, the 2.0 version will rely on easier authenticators including biometric date kept with the card issuer (bank etc) such as finger prints or facial recognition.
  • The new system reduces card abandonment rates (sale not going through) due to the use of a card issuer app and other data supplier by the issuer. As a customer this will mean simpler and easier payment with enhanced security that doesn't require extra effort from you
  • Hugely reduces the already minimal chance that you could be defrauded by simply using our site - the new system means that we can be aware of any threat and we are both protected to a far greater degree.

3-D Secure 2.0 is already live on the Parkerbrand website. We honestly care about our customers a great deal - and there are myriad ways of showing that is the case. Our customer care team based at our HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire fly the flag on that front, but our I.T. team do too, and it's one of those occasions when those back room guys get to come on out and get a bit of hard earned glory. Nice one guys.

So, be sure that buying from us has never been safer aside from never having been swifter. We're on point for you, because you place your faith in us and we'd never take that lightly. Be sure of that.


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