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We're Big Fans - You will be too!

New visitors to our website are often struck by the range of equipment that we stock and ship all over the UK and Western Europe. True to form, we have expanded our range once again to include these powerful, well-designed and durable fans that have taken off very quickly - we knew that we were fans but it seems you are too!

They are a breath of fresh air for sure, giving you a reliable solution to drying and ventilation requirements. They are purpose-built for a broad range of tasks for projects at home or workshop and the like. With a study top handle these easy to carry fans are great to:

  • Ventilate or extract engine fumes from a workshop or garage
  • Extract dust from a building or refurbishment project
  • Speed up drying times for D.I.Y. projects
  • Cool open or large areas
  • Utilise for specialist needs including film production

Long Time Fan

With durability comes reliability and security; with a quality grill that protects the fan, four solid rubber feet soaking up any vibration giving smooth operation and a sturdy carry handle to for easy positioning and transportation. Who could ask for more? Price perhaps? You'll see that as ever we are offering our fans and ducting at a very competitive price as you have come to expect from ParkerBrand.

Top Performance

Our ParkerBrand PPVF-300 and ParkerBrand PPVF250 have a displacement of 2295 CFM from a fan that spins at 3300 RPM you'll experience totally controlled and powerful extraction or ventilation. These are 'plug and play'; these are 230v so you can can plug them directly into your domestic main supply and flick the switch - your fan will leap to it.

Essential Addition: Ducting

To get the most out of your 10" or 12" Portable Ventilation Fan it is certainly advisable to check out the ducting that we offer for each model. Clearly this increases both the effectiveness and utility of your fan. Made from strong PVC with loop supports along the full length they are fully folding and store perfectly neatly.

If required both the 10 and 12-inch ducting can be extended if required (the standard single length is more than suitable for most situations though. All you will need is the correct size ducting coupler which are readily available on line across the UK and Western Europe at low cost.

Ducting allows you to channel fumes and dust out of the work area swiftly and to a directed evacuation point - they are highly recommended to get the most out of these competitively priced machines and ducts.

Why buy from ParkerBrand?

Delivery, Warranty and Aftercare: the whole ParkerBrand package

These are SO important when choosing who to shop with online. You really don’t need us to tell you. However, we’d like to assure you that we use national and international networks of couriers that have been selected on the basis of their performance.  You can look forward to a timely dispatch and on-point delivery with a courier especially selected for you destination address.

Warranty is an important part of the assurance we all need as customers. We have had year of experience in the field and we know what people need and what the law demands. You can read through this and it will assure you that quiet assurance is all that’s needed – you are in safe and capable hands.

Aftercare is essential. What if you need advice or something isn’t as it should be?  We want to know.  Our Lincolnshire based team are well honed professionals who work in tandem with our Tech-Team to solve issues, give advice on our machines and equipment or help you to find parts.  You can call on our Customer Care Line during office hours or email anytime.

You'll be big time fans we assure you - order before 2pm and we'll dispatch the same day, no sweat. Stay cool!

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