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ParkerBrand: Properly Prepared for Challenges

Fluid Situation

Winter 2020/2021 was always going to be a challenge and we have worked hard to build resilience into our operations to be in a state of genuine preparedness. We have excellent communications with our delivery partners so that we can keep our fingers on the proverbial pulse.

Our internal systems are robust and are monitored carefully by dedicatedstaff here in Louth, Lincolnshire. The combination of Covid-19 and Brexit has meant a time of unprecedented change and challenges that, as we all know, makes for a very fluid situation. Daily updates from all delivery companies for example are quickly absorbed by us and reactive planning takes place. It's never been more important to be on-the-ball for our customers and we never loose sight of that.

Delivery within Europe

As per our recent update we are indeed Brexit ready - or as prepared as we can be within the current guidelines issued to UK Business by the Government. We value our EU customers and have worked hard to continue to integrate new systems with our delivery partners and to have all of our internal systems fully prepared for 1st January 2021 no matter what the political outcome of negotiations. There will be storm to weather, it's true. However, as a member of the ParkerBrand crew is fond of saying; fail to prepare; prepare to fail - and we're well aware that being on point for our customers has never been more important.

Covid-19 has presented more immediate issues and there may be acute problems due to announcements by EU states. Our team react quickly to daily updates and we do update you on on major shifts or changes as soon as they are apparent via our blog.

Price Point

It's an obsession - offering quality robust, warrantied machines and equipment for the lowest prices. We know it counts more than ever. As one of the founding principles of ParkerBrand, we always maintain the notion that we should offer the lowest price we possibly can. We always will.

Currently, just as other businesses across the globe are dealing with an unprecedented affects of the pandemic so are ParkerBrand. Clearly in the UK we have the added complications of the affects of the change in status with the EU.

Along with all other UK business that import good we have seen a sharp rise in costs. We absorb these shifts as much as we can of course, but you may see a rise in price for some of our machines in the shortterm.Every effort is made to keep the rise as low as possible, in line with our core ideal and as soon as we can lower them again you can be sure that we shall.

Coming on Strong in 2021

We take all of this head on in a positive and pro-active way or with swift reactive solutions in order to continue to provide the products, service and after care that so many of you have come to expect. Passing the five thousand review mark on Trustpilot with a rating of Excellent supports the fact that our valued customers get the service that we promise.

We're looking forward to 2021; we're firmly established and will continue to offer continuity of service in all aspect of the business. Every year we expand our range and you get expect more in the following year. We're excited about that and certainly keeping your eyes on our regularly updated blog is a great way to keep up with product announcements, updates as well as a host of maintenance tips and informative articles about our highly regarded products.

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