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Many Hands

When it comes to fulfilling the orders that you make it really does take many pairs of hands.  We’re a tight-knit team that rely upon one another – and we know that you’re all relying on us.  Service, real service, is hard to get right.  It takes deft management and it’s even harder to get right every time.  However, you don’t expect anything less and we never would either.

Many hands make light work and on any given day thousands of orders are passing through the warehouse on their way to customers as far-a-field as Southern Italy, the homes and farms of rural France or anywhere between Bavaria and Bonn in Germany.

Closer to home, you’ll find our delivery partners carrying your purchases from Dublin to Dumfries from Cardiff to Caithness. And if you’re in central London or even just over the Wolds in Lincoln we’ll be happily dispatching straight to you too with options for free delivery or even next day and Saturdays depending on your location.  We know that you often need your order in double time and our next day delivery service is designed to do the trick. As long as your order is in before St James’s clock strikes two, we’ll be working together to get it out to you.

But there are many pairs of hands that work to bring your product to you from design to dispatch.  Even when something unexpected goes awry, we’ve a dedicated tech team to take care of things and they are skilled sets of hands indeed.


A great website makes the difference doesn’t it? These hands belong to one of our designers who works hard to bring functionality and reliability to our site – so you can get brilliant tools at prices that have the competition gulping. One touch orders will be in place soon!

The website makes sure that you can really get a great view of what you’re buying as well as lively and informative descriptions.  We really know our kit and we hope that shows. You can order anything on the web – from anybody - but are they really a safe pair of hands?

Aside from the products themselves, you’ll find buying guides for those new to a machine.  Knowledge is power they say, and we want you to be empowered as well as literally powered by ParkerBrand.  Check out our buying guide for Chainsaws or Generators for example; plenty of easily accessible information on how to match our products with your needs. Fear not, you won’t be swamped with technical data – you’ll feel that you can make a fully informed choice with ParkerBrand.

Our programmers have been busy improving the website – if you are a regular customer, you’ll have seen some changes for the better.  Faster and easier to navigate, ordering what you know you need has literally never been simpler. We’re proud of our team and the wizardry at their fingertips.




              READY TO RESPOND

We hope our product descriptions meet the mark and our on-line system informs you all the way   - but in the end you might want a bit more advice or have particular enquiries. What customers tell us the most is that it’s easy to speak to us – we like it that way. In office hours you can call us up and we’re there to help. You can drop us an email at your convenience and one of the team will get back to you.  It can get a bit busy at times but we always get back to you, that's a promise we'll keep.

Let’s be straight - thing’s do occasionally go wrong -it’s the nature of machines. We’ve an exceptionally low-return or failure rate you’ll be pleased to know. But it’s just your finger tips that separate us! Tap in the number or send us an email and we’re right on it making sure that if it’s gone wrong, we’ll get it resolved.  You’ll be speaking to members of a well-informed team based at our offices in Louth, Lincolnshire.

We have every faith in our machines that's for sure.  However, f you find that there is an issue, you’ll be able to contact one of the team who will use all the resources at our disposal to find the best solution for you.  One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that our Lincolnshire based customer care team really are here to help, whether by phone or by email.

It might be that you simply want some advice before your purchase – we’ll make sure our product meets your needs.  We’re happy to advise on everything from the capacity of generators to which chainsaw is best for the job. Talking it over is second nature at ParkerBrand and no enquiry is too small.




Red-nosed, finger-less gloved and yet still beaming, the lads in the Warehouses know that they are an essential part of the operation. They like their music, tea and chocolate I can tell you – so this is no slave driven operation! That’s what makes ParkerBrand a stand-out company; a family business that you can feel happy buying from.

Our labelling system means that your order is speedily located and dispatched. We work closely with our delivery partners – we are always assessing their performance so that we can be sure that you are being provided with the best possible service.




It might be that we’ve had to retrieve your machine for an adjustment or repair – this doesn’t happen very often, but if it does, we’ve got some handy tech guys waiting in the wings. It might be that you’ve sent your machine in for a service. Either way, these guys really know our machines and you can expect these expert hands to get any issue resolved.

Dedicated and knowledgeable, these chaps are on top of their game fuelled by fizzy cola bottles and a can-do attitude we put a lot of faith in them -  because you put a lot of faith in us.




We aren’t sitting around patting ourselves on the back of course, but we are proud of the many hands at ParkerBrand that keep our ship afloat. But above all we know that it's you the customer that’s at the centre of it all. We want to thank you for your continued loyalty, for your custom, and for your feedback.

Hands that create, hands that build,  hands that do, hands that can, hands that deliver – all at ParkerBrand and all working for you.

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