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ParkerBrand ARE Brexit Ready

Deal or no deal, the UK as a whole can expect change in January 2021, there is no question of it. Wandering into political opinion is not what we are here for - making sure our customers get the seamless ordering, delivery and after care that we have a great reputation for, certainly is.

We value our customers no matter where they are. Although based in Louth, Lincolnshire we have consistently built our reputation and given the same great service no matter where our customers reside.


No matter where you are; in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, or indeed Italy, France, Germany or Spain you can still order with confidence from our website or any of the sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay. The easy and hassle-free ordering process on our website hasn't changed and is still as robust and as safe as ever.

If you need accessories, parts or spares, certainly the situation is the same. It's easier than ever to order and they will be dispatched with the same promptness that you are familiar with.


We utilise the services of reputable courier companies that are similarly 'Brexit ready'. We have continually monitor teh performance of our delivery partners as a matter of course, and shall always do so. We know how much it matters.

We have a great communication flow with all of them, so if ever there is a hitch we have a seamless way of resolving any issue that might arise. It seldom happens, but we're ready if they do.

Customer Care Team

It doesn't matter where you are - you can ALWAYS contact us by email at any time and you will receive a timely response from one of the team based here in Louth, Lincolnshire. You can call our line too during Office hours and speak to someone in person - we know the value of that and it will never change.

Thank You

We know that we are living through times of deep change nationally. There's a lot in the headlines everyday - but here, the news is: business as usual! You can be sure of it. A sincere thank you from all of us here at ParkerBrand for continuing to opt for us, a customer focussed business that's well prepared for 2021.

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