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Slay It and Spray it to Get Your Garden Going: A Classic Combo

A winning spring combo from ParkerBrand in order to get your gardening Spring smart and help your new season veg and plants on the way.

The ParkerBrand PGBC-5200 petrol trimmer is an established classic that has never waivered in popularity. We put this down to some straight forward factors.

It's the perfect tool for getting any sized garden, allotment or outdoor space spring trim and ready for further planting or design tweaks - or indeed to get an untamed space back in to the fold. It's certainly equally at home trimming and edging with the super-handy bump feed spool, or indeed ripping through bramble and briar with the sturdy three toothed blade.

Order Out of Chaos

Sometimes it's a case of some destruction before you can then create, or in this case - plant. That's okay because with forethought and planning you can create the garden that you have always wanted. Whether growing plants from seed or planting seedlings and young plants you'll need to take care of them.

Our range of pressure sprayers are ideal for nurturing in this respect. Clearly they are perfect for controlled directional watering of newly planted areas or freshly seeded zones. The controlled flow from the nozzles give even coverage and will mean that your creativity will get the best chance to bloom.

If these are really chaotic and you've got to 'rescue' a garden that's new to you; the brush cutter/trimmer and sprayer are still the perfect combo. ParkerBrand pressure sprayers are also perfect for weed killer applications and chemical treatments. Of course the use of nasty chemicals isn't high on anyone's list and you can make your own weed killer. Give it a whirl!

A Word on Delivery

Despite all that has been going on over the last year we are still able to deliver swiftly and with surety. We always dispatch swiftly. Any order taken before 2pm on any given weekday will be dispatched the same day.

We work in partnership with the best courier networks whom we trust to get it to your door, just as you expect our equipment to deliver the performance that is expected at ParkerBrand.

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