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Spring's The Thing!

At last! It has been a bit bleak and bitter over here close to the east coast of Lincolnshire but, for sure, Spring is gathering; the snow drops are abundant along the hedgerows and the daffodils are on the up and growing fast.

It won't be long before the first great rush of Spring and all that green growth. That's usually when we have a rush of our own of course, for our very well priced and fully warranty garden equipment and machines.

Get ahead of the crowd and order early and be on top of your game - and your garden in no time. We offer swift dispatch and delivery through years of experience and a close working partnership with well respected couriers.

Trim, Strim, Mow it - you know it!

Whizz, whirr and its all a blur? Not with ParkerBrand, we're focussed and on point so that you are too. From design to delivery our decade and more of experience means that both your machine and the business you are buying from have every angle covered.

In terms of whizzing and whirring, our go to Spring machine is the steadfast petrol PGBC-5200 Brush Cutter . You will have a very neat and tidy greenspace in no time. If you've decided to clear an area for new purposes over the coming year the sturdy three toothed blade powered by our workhorse of a 52cc engine will do the trick. Petrol power means freedom to work where you want without the restriction and worry of power cables. Freedom is something we'll sign up for and we know you'll feel the same. Easy to assemble and use we've even got some back-up by way of some short instructional films to ensure that you are on point.

Up your game with the Parkerbrand PGMT-5200 Multi-Tool and you really are ready ready for anything. Along with both of the standard brush cutter applications you will receive a 10" chainsaw attachment and a hedge trimmer attachment. Coupled with the extension pole you can be trimming away to a maximum length of 3.2m - allowing you to cast aside shay ladders and unadvisable balancing act! Work smart, work safe with ParkerBrand.

ParkerBrand PCS-2600 Top Handled Petrol Chainsaw

We've quite a range of chainsaws but when it comes to pruning, the top handled light-weight PCS-2600 is just the number. Great for hedging and general garden work. Ergonomically designed and a tried and tested design across the board it has always been popular with gardeners, allotment keepers and horticulturists that take care of their large properties. For those chilly nights the ever popular log burners and open fires might still need to be lit. The saw is also ideal for reducing down larger logs for an optimum size.

ParkerBrand Back You Up

We can get you kitted out for this spring and those seasons to come with thoughtfully designed and well constructed machines that are easy to use and maintain and priced to the lowest penny. It's not all about the price though. We know that you'll appreciate the fact that we have genuinely friendly and well informed Customer Care Team that you can speak to in person and if you need to contact us out of office hours an email that will be responded to in good time.

It's not some peoples first thought, but even though we offer an extended two-year warranty when that has passed, its good to know that if you do need spare or replacement part along the way nearly ALL of our machines have an extensive list of spares available . You likely won't need them, but they are there if you do. ParkerBrand will have you covered in warranty or out.

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