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Starting Our 17" Petrol Lawn Mower

Getting your machine started in the correct manner is essential - and means that you can crack on and enjoy the results of our popular hard push mower.

We work hard to make sure the manual is as it should be - clear precise and easy to reference. We know that some Parkerbrand customers prefer something more visual, so as ever we have responded with a quick easy to follow guide which you can watch below.

Essential Oil

Remember you do need to add oil to the oil chamber. Our machines use SAE-30 oil, which is a standard four stroke oil. It terms of the petrol tank, we are often asked if using the new E10 petrol is fine to use. It sure is! All Parkerbrand machines are E10 petrol ready.

So before starting the machine:

  • Fill the oil chamber to a high level with SAE-30 four stroke oil
  • Fill the fuel tank with E10 petrol
  • Read the manual and watch the film too if you prefer.


When the mowing season comes to an end and it's time to pop your mower away for the winter, there are some key things that will help keep your mower at its best.

  • Clean the body of your mower of all dried grass and the like including under the decking and wipe the blade itself, being careful while doing so. Clean and brush out your collection bag. This can be folded down to store flat.
  • Drain the petrol from the petrol tank to avoid any corrosion
  • Drain the oil for the same reason. Fresh oil at the beginning of the new season will give the best performance.
  • Start the engine and run it until it stops; this is generally known as 'running dry'. Clearly this means that there is no fuel left in the system and helps to preserve your pipe work and the fuel system as a whole.

After Care and Spares

Our team are based in Louth, Lincolnshire and should you have any enquiry at all you can email us any time or call 01507 499198 during office hours. Should you need spares for your machine then it's straightforward and easy to order them. We are careful to stock a dynamic range of spares, as any responsible company should. ParkerBrand - when you need us, we're there.

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