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Rising to the Challenge

Nobody can deny that the resilience of British business has been evident over the last 18 months.  A major test for us here at ParkerBrand has not been deliveries - we work with statistically the best courier companies with whom we have long-standing working relationships.  ParkerBrand is well known for seamless ordering slick and hassle free delivery and we want to keep it that way.

Our biggest challenge to date in the fall out from 18 months of turbulent times has been stock levels for our spares. It's easy and simple process to order spares for your ParkerBrand machine from us. if you are not sure what you might need then then customer care team in Louth, Lincolnshire are happy to answer your queries via email or on the phone.  However, since January 2021 is has been a challenge to keep a full stock of all spares for all machines. We thrive on a challenge, I can assure you of that.

We have parts arriving all the time;  from chainsaw chains and bars, spools or carburettors  - and our stock levels are improving all teh time.  However, there are some items that have taken longer than we would have expected and we're sorry that it is the case.

UK Ports

The dual combination of the pandemic and Brexit has taken its toll.  Ten of thousands of businesses are reliant upon UK Ports to be organised and effective but they have had sustained issues in terms of the speed of the movement of goods and materials.  We're not trying to scapegoat here, that's not our style, moreover, we think that being open, clear and transparent is at the root of being a trusted, responsible business.  We hope that you appreciate that!


                                                                      A new member of the Imports Team

We are of course as busy as the proverbial beaver in order to get back to absolute normality.  We're sure that you'd like that too - and not just in relation to your multi-tool chainsaw chain!

We shall strive to have teh full compliment there and we're getting closer every week.  We pride ourselves on the breadth of spares that we make available for our machines and we're not going to let that bench mark slip and we honestly thank you for bearing with us.  If we can help you in anyway, please, call or email the team and we'll do all we can  - as we always do.





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