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52cc Engines: Hi-Tech New Spec


Our 52cc engines are the driving force behind a wide variety of ParkerBrand machines - for good reason too. Simple, easy to maintain and a genuinely proven design, they perform very well.  We aren't the kind of folk to rest on our laurels and let things get stale though.  Therefore, any innovation that can introduced is welcome and certainly worth while. The tech team have switched-up a vital part and below you can find out why.

The Body Electric: Coil Pack

There are no unnecessary parts to the sleek and agile 52Cc engine.  Everything necessary and nothing that isn't if you take my meaning. At the core of the machine is the coil pack, also know as an ignition coil, and these have had a valuable upgrade in our new machines. The new coil packs can detect the activity within the coil and as a result regulate the speed of the engine so that it doesn't over speed.  This means that you engine can't go over 10,500 rpm an secure your engine from possible harm. How does that work? Like most things that make a big difference it is deceptively simple; it detects the engine is going too fast it directly retards the spark plug and in turn regulates the engine.

This simple innovation has genuine consequences for the longevity of your machine - you can look forward to your 52cc engine - no matter what it is driving - having greater resistance and longevity. ParkerBrand and its design partners are constantly looking for ways to improve the machines and goods that we sell. Feedback tells us that customers are very happy with them, but we are always keen to improve.

52cc Spares Parts

Our After sales call teams frequently receive calls from people who are looking for spare part for engines and machines that are not manufactured by us. Why is this?  Because a simple Internet search usually brings our name to the top of the page - because we do stock spares for OUR machines. We'd never have one of our loyal customers cast adrift in that manner!  We consider it a primary responsibility to provide spare parts and accessories for our machines.  As you can see from the link, it's simple and straight forward.

We Sell Machines, But We're Human!

For sure you're not all tech geeks, but it's nice to know about what you're spending you money on isn't it?  You can be sure that the human touch is ever present and you can call us directly on 01507 499198 during office hours and get some advice before ordering if you'd like, or even place your order with the team. Whatever it might be, we're here to help you. It won't be a Bot answering your emails either!  The only chips that are inside us are accompanied by haddock and peas.  You can write in and a member of the team will certainly respond - we'll never leave an email unanswered. We're here if you need us!


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