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Back the Back Pack Brushcutter; it's a Winner!

What's better than a ParkerBrand PGBC-52cc Brushcutter? A ParkerBrand 52cc brush cutter that you can mount on your back! Definitely the case if you need to maintain a sloped area and the like. Yes, our powerfully resilient and hard working 52cc engine has been utilised yet again in an awesome configuration that will mean that you can really expand your working potential. That's something that we are very keen on here at ParkerBrand. It's not just a work horse - it's a race horse, and you'll come out of the gates like a pro in the know.

Broadening the scope for safe effective working is not just desirable but really advantageous for those with sloping gardens and properties with rough terrain or difficult access areas. The ParkerBrand PGBC-5200-BP has all the simply utility of our standard Brushcutter:

  • Easy to change between sturdy spool and tough three toothed blade that whips along at a max 7800RPM
  • Compact split shaft design for easy storage
  • Tried and true 52cc engine (2.6kW) engine

But as this is back mounted also features:

  • A stout yet light and comfortable frame for mounting on the back.
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort while in use.
  • Flexible drive shaft and swivel mounted engine for maximum sweep and access on difficult terrain

Let's be clear - these are powerful machines and you are going to notice how effective they are pretty quickly. backpack brush cutters are the ideal configuration for working on steep or sloping ground, banks and ditches, river sides and stream banks. Orchards and shrubberies will also benefit from the superior directional ability of the user.

You'll find the back back brush cutter provides the even balance and durability that you'll looking for when working on uneven ground. You should always be sure to check the area over of course - the three toothed blade will get through bramble and briar without issue - but for sure it's not designed to split rocks!

We've Got Your Back

We have some great resources for putting you in the picture for when your tool arrives. We provide a detailed manual of course but some people (like me) like to see something being done or to have a reference. Films such as this where you can see how to swiftly change from the three-toothed blade to the spool are available.

We have your back in terms of after service too. Our Customer Care Team are based at our offices in Louth Lincolnshire and are ready to help you over the phone during Office hours or via email: they always respond promptly.


Ordering is a doddle. We take card payments and PayPal. As long as you've got your address details to hand, simply enter them into the required fields, choose your delivery (free where possible) and pop your payment through - we're adapt at making sure we take care of things swiftly from there.

We use cutting edge in-houses systems to monitor your delivery seamlessly from the moment that you order on the website (or by phone with our Customer Care Team) right to the point of delivery. Our delivery partners are the biggest international names in the sector. We monitor their performance regularly so that we know that they're on-point for us both.

We're happy to be a British family company serving our customers from our HQ in Louth, Lincolnshire. We're committed to a seamless customer experience and genuine after care with people that you can really speak with!

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