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Russel Up a Storm: Get Prepared for Autumn 2020.

Russel up a storm with a ParkerBrand leaf blower. Compact, durable and easy to use the best leaf blower that we can muster has been thoughtfully designed by the team here at ParkerBrand for optimum performance and results that match. Get prepared for the whipping winds of Autumn with a gale that YOU can control.  All elements of the design make for comfortable use and reliability and a neat, tidy garden that will leave you smiling without breaking a sweat. There are some great hacks for our leaf blowers too  - give them  try!  

Back-Pack or Handheld?

We offer two designs: Our ParkerBrand PBLB-6500-B, a variant of the same model, our PBLB-6500 and a handheld design: ParkerBrand PBV-2600.  Below we’ll look at the models in closer detail to help you choose which model is going to best suit your needs. Whichever you choose you’re going to be saving yourself a great deal of energy and you’ll be whipping along in no time giving you a garden that looks effortlessly tidy neat and up t the mark – just how you like it!  With durable components and detailed manuals

Handheld Design: 3 in 1 Leaf Blower.

The ParkerBrand PBV-2600 is perfect for those with smaller gardens and areas to take care of. It might be small but it’s no storm in a teacup. With a maximum output of 170mph the 26cc (1HP) engine is a lot of power at your fingertips. Three into one certainly does go:

1. Powerful blower easily controlled and directed with the our easy to use throttle control and thoughtfully designed tubing to deliver the power where you want it.

2. Hoover – the vac with the max, this is what you household hoover dreams of being!  With our sturdy collection bag attached simply flick the switch and you’re collecting leaf litter quicker than you thought possible – and that’s no aimless claim! 

3. Mulching - Natural cycles are the most powerful that there are.  Mulching is a fundamental for those that wish to produce leaf mould and compost for use in the garden. The PBV-2600 is the best mulcher we could muster  - it’s effective and will give your garden a vital boost in fecundity - for free.

Backpack Design: PBLB 6500-B & PBLB-6500.

Mounted on a super-comfy, ergonomically designed backpack these machines are powerful, effective and a lot of fun to boot.  With a maximum wind speed of 210mph from the 65cc (3.8HP) engine they have a massive CFM of 847. You really will be storming along, no question. It’s comfort Jim, but not as you’ve known it!

With a full manual and easy assembly you can look forward to first class quality at a price point that pleases – an ever more important point these days (isn’t it always?).  Parkerbrand favourites, these have been a stalwart of our stable of machines since the start. There isn’t much between the two designs at all – both use the same robust and hard-wearing components and give exactly the same results every time.  

These machines store wonderfully easily and can be stowed away without hassle.  The pipe work is dismantled in a jiffy and the handy backpack aspect means that they can be very easily mounted on your shed or garage wall.

Heads Up!

Your machine, whether backpack or handheld, might be used seasonally - although our customers repeatedly comment that while they got them for the autumn season, they use them to whip round the garden quite frequently. Or certain hacks appeal and they get used that way. But,  in the really cold months you’ll no doubt be indoors keeping busy or having a well-earned rest. Who can blame you for that?  Our techies offer this one great tip for preserving your machine; make sure that it is well drained of fuel before storage.  Fuels are corrosive by nature and certainly having it sat in your tank or fuel lines won’t be beneficial.

Leaf Litter and Garden Waste

Okay so you’ve whisked it all up in no time – what to do with what you’ve gathered? Sure you can compost it – and that’s a brilliant bet.  If you don’t have a compost heap, it could be that those living nearby have a community compost collection – community garden has taken a huge leap forward since the Spring of 2020 – and we all know why! It looks like a trend that is going to stay!

The social and community benefits of gardening shouldn’t be over looked and we feel you’ll agree.  It’s great to shar produce, tips and advice and, of course, beautiful delicious produce.  All that take good soil and the leaf and garden litter that you collect or mulch to boot can be shared by everybody – check it out and see what’s going on in your neck of the woods!

Delivery, Warranty and Aftercare.

These are SO important when choosing who to shop with online. You really don’t need us to tell you. However, we’d like to assure you that we use national and international networks of couriers that have been selected on the basis of their performance.  You can look forward to a timely dispatch and on-point delivery with a courier especially selected for you destination address.

Warranty is an important part of the assurance we all need as customers. We have had year of experience in the field and we know what people need and what the law demands. You can read through this and it will assure you that quiet assurance is all that’s needed – you are in safe and capable hands.

Aftercare is essential. What if you need advice or something isn’t as it should be?  We want to know.  Our Lincolnshire based team are well honed professionals who work in tandem with our Tech-Team to solve issues, give advice on our machines and equipment or help you to find parts.  You can call on our Customer Care Line during office hours or email anytime. Mind-blowing simple? Yes, more or less – good service is about common sense after all.  Leaf it to us!

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