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What's in Store for 2022?

2022 with ParkerBrand

A very Happy New Year to all our customers! Upbeat and always ready to serve,  Parkerbrand are in pole position for continuing to give you the best in 2022.  Having expanded our range over the last two years, we're keen to maintain our big three when it comes to our well established e-commerce business and taking care of customers.

ONE: An Informative Website

Our safe and easy to navigate website is our shop front.  Certainly we like to make sure that you are well informed about our products so that you can  choose your product feeling fully informed.  We also provide handy links to associated informative blogs, any instructional films and full warranty details. Our website is always kept up-to-date in terms of availability.  On the occassion that something may be out of stock then be sure it is updated swiftly as soon as it arrives.  We work hard to keep well stocked even in the current challenging environment.  Should you have any enquiries then you are very welcome call our team here in Louth, Lincolnshire  and they will be happy to help you.

TWO: Swift Delivery

We all know how it feels - when you've ordered something online you'd like it to be there quickly so you can crack on with the task in hand, whether that's gardening or D.I.Y.  We are committed to fast dispatch and delivery.  If you order before 2pm on any week-day then we shall certainly dispatch for you on the same day: we abide by our commitments as our regular customers know.  We monitor the performance of our delivery partners, just as we have from the beginning, and you can be sure that we only work with those that hit the required performance perimeters!  When your item is dispatched your will receive the tracking  data so you're fully informed.  Swift, safe, secure and on time - these have been our watch words from the start and that won't change in 2022.

THREE: After Sales Care

We may use a host of new technologies and the like in order to bring you teh best but in one thing we are certainly very traditional: customer care.  We're pretty old school in our approach here. Unlike so many other e-commerce businesses you can speak with a member of the team directly here in Louth.  You can call 01507 499198 during office hours, and they'll be able to help you with your enquiry.  You can drop us an email at any time of course and you can expect a timely response. We honestly do care about our customer both in the UK or in Western Europe.  It might be that you need advice on parts or accessories  or on the rare occassion an issue with you product.  Our team are well equipped to help and you can simply expect that to be the case.


We all know that the last couple of years have been too much to say the least and no doubt, like you, we hope for 2022 to be a far better and happier year.  We wish you all the best from Lincolnshire from everyone here on the team.

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