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Integral Hose on our New Air Compressors

Parkerbrand are always ready to provide what people need - requests and ideas from customers do find their way to the right ears! This time we have responded by simply providing both our 24 litre air compressor and the 50 litre version with an integral air line.

10 Metre Hose

At 10 metres you'll get the dynamic reach that you've been looking for and will find really useful for tasks such as inflating car tyres, boats and a myriad of other applications including blowing dust and debris - nothing like a clean work-shed or garage!

Air Tools and Applications for Parkerbrand Air Compressor Range

All of the air tools that we offer fit our entire range, all of our machines have a 1/4 inch euro fitting as standard. We know that you may wish to use your compressor for a wide range of tasks; giving you some solid options is certainly essential as far as the Parkerbrand service ethos goes.

The five piece tool kit represents particularly good value and is a great pack if you have no tools when buying your compressor and need to get started!

If you are dealing with paint and stripping it back (and anyone who has renovated an old house will know how much work it can take) our dual action air sander is the bees knee's. They are also ideal for dealing with metal surfaces to clear and de-rust - useful! Complete with is own dust collection bag, you'll find it indispensable.

As usual, if you need nay help at all you are very welcome to contact the team by email or by giving them a call - they will be happy to advise you or take your order.

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