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Silently Does It: ParkerBrand Oil-less Air compressors

Oil-less compressors offer a handy alternative to, you guessed it, oiled machines - but where are the differences?  As in life, there are pros and cons with each depending on how you view it.  

Our design team are pretty eagle eyed when it comes to trends and innovation.  We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel here at Parker Towers, but we are thinking about, and looking for, those innovations and tweaks to machines and equipment that give our loyal customers better choice.

And so it is with our ParkerBrand range of compressors.  Hand built to a very high standard at a price point that will raise a smile in these cash conscious days you can expect quality and an excellent finish.


The ParkerBrand PSAC-24 Oil-Less 24 litre air compressor and it's 50 litre sibling is as strong as an ox fresh out of the box – and will stay that way without much bother! Both versions of these high capacity air compressors have some advantages over the oiled versions. such as:

  • You don't need to keep your eye on the oil level
  • There are no contaminants fed-back into the tank
  • Drum roll..... you don't have to change the oil saving you both oil and money
  • Less noise - our oil-free machines have a lower DB rating making them perfect for use in a domestic setting - even inside the home.


24 Litres

This is perfect for most folk who want to get DIY projects done as well as those who use them for hobbies and the like. The range of applications is huge. This machine is highly portable and has the best capacity for the average user. With a CFM of 2.4 and like its counterpart a total maximum PSI of 115 (8 BAR ). A ParkerBrand favourite in the past this updated model shines through and is already proving to be super popular. Get on it!

50 Litres

They count after all. The big ParkerBrand PSAC-50 50 litre compressor is a beast indeed and certainly for the dedicated who need a large capacity of air to get sustained work done over a lengthy period - usually in a fixed position, although our machines are fully portable of course. With a CFM of 5.9 and a total maximum PSI of 115 (8 BAR )you can count on your ParkerBrand machine to hit the mark, every time.


For sure putting your tool to work as soon as possible is the aim and we've got a wide range of performance air tools that are going to give you the edge. Naturally, these are a brilliant, hassle free way to make sure that you are ready from the get go.

Many customers go for our very popular five-piece tool kit which gives you a good spread of applications including; Paint spray gun, 4 meter of spiral hose, an air blow gun, a tyre inflator with gauge and a brilliant oil spray gun complete with suction cup

We've gone full wack with our compact case of 71 air-tools and we know that you'll be ready for any eventuality.


Our expertise isn’t just down to the design and manufacture of equipment you'll find that there are key factors you should consider when buying and ParkerBrand have got it covered.


We work closely with major delivery networks in order to ensure that you product reaches you safely and in a timely manner. We have delivery options that suit all, even in these testing times. Our experienced staff know how to get the best out of the courriers that we work with.


ParkerBrand actually do care. That's refreshing from the off isn't it? You will find the art of conversation isn't lost here. With a dedicated phone number and emails swiftly responded to it's not an empty claim. Whether its advice, information or if you've flagged an issue with your machine our well briefed team will respond in a way that you will instantly know sets us apart.


It's a big word and for sure you want that assurance when you are buying machinery and kit. We're customers too and know what it means. Nothing demonstrates our faith in the materials that we produce than an extended warranty. Buying directly from the ParkerBrand website always guarantees this.

Thank you for supporting a UK business.

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